Cathedral Church prints

2020 has finally arrived with new aspirations, joyful spirit, fresh hopes, renewed determinations, and swoon-worthy makeovers. Yes, you heard that right. With everything brand new around, your home deserves to look unconventional and less ordinary too. Now that we have cheerfully entered the New Year with immense enthusiasm and excitement,Continue Reading


Yoga creates a path through which an individual unites with the entire existence and tells you that you are not a separate entity but part of greater energy. Yoga helps to increase consciousness and makes you realize your true self.  It is a deep spiritual practice that is part ofContinue Reading

11 Unique Wedding Cakes From Around The World

A wedding is the most significant and promising event in the life of any person getting married. Also, wedding rituals and customs differ substantially around the globe, and the cakes have no exemption to it. In this article, we bring you a collection of wedding cake customs from around theContinue Reading

Winter is a cold season so everyone must protect themselves from the cold weather. It is a cold time when nights are very cold & long and days are short. During the arrival of the winter season, you must buy warm clothes which keep you warm and comfortable. One ofContinue Reading