No scars is a pigmentation diminishing cream containing three dynamic fixings Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and Mometasone, which work together and give mitigating benefits. It additionally hinders the creation of Melanin and counteracts skin break out. It is utilized to treat the accompanying conditions:

  • Acne: The condition is regularly connected with spots and pimples on the face and different pieces of the body. No scars cream for women contains Tretinoin which treats skin inflammation.
  • Melasma: It is a skin condition that is typically activated by pregnancy, hormone treatment and utilization of anti-conception medication pills. It brings about dark colored fixes on the face.
  • Eczema: A skin issue that outcomes in irritation of the skin. As No Scars cream contains steroid, it assuages tingling and irritation.

Hydroquinone is the essential topical element for hindering melanin generation and has intense cell reinforcement capacities. Tretinoin treats and decreases the presence of imprints by expanding collagen creation in the dermis. Corticosteroid mometasone not just diminishes irritation as a reaction of both hydroquinone and tretinoin, likewise hinders melanocyte digestion.

How to utilize No Scars Cream?

No scars cream is intended for outside utilize just and ought not be directed generally. It ought to be utilized according to the measurement recommended by the specialist, or may adhere to the guidance composed on the mark as it contains steroids in it. Specialists more often than not endorse this medication to be applied two times every day. The patient ought to in every case spotless and dry the influenced region before applying the cream. It is prescribed to stay away from the immediate contact of the cream with eyes, nose and mouth. Apply on the influenced region and back rub tenderly till the cream is completely ingested. The quantum of cream to be applied will rely upon the degree of ingestion in the skin and the region to be applied to. Application once day by day is exhorted at sleep time.

Try not to go out in sun subsequent to applying this cream. Utilization of this item ought to be stopped if excessive touchiness to any of the fixings is taken note. Try not to enable the cream to enter eyes and mouth. End the utilization if skin disturbance happens. Try not to apply on broken skin.

Safety measures and cautioning:

No Scars Cream for face contains steroid and henceforth, ought to be utilized with consideration and alert. A couple of purposes of worry that ought to be remembered while utilizing No Scars are:

  • No scars cream contains hydroquinone and subsequently, utilization of this cream for more than 6 to about two months isn’t suggested. Be that as it may, before ending the utilization, the patient ought to counsel a specialist.
  • No Scars cream may associate with specific drugs and henceforth the patients ought to examine their present rundown of meds with the specialist.
  • Use of this cream ought to be maintained a strategic distance from on the off chance that anybody is adversely affected by any of its fixings.
  • Effect of No Scars cream on the quality and amount of bosom milk isn’t known. Be that as it may, as the cream contains steroids, it ought not be utilized by nursing moms.

Store in a cool and dry place. Do not freeze. Protect from direct sunlight. Replace cap tightly after use.

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