Yoga creates a path through which an individual unites with the entire existence and tells you that you are not a separate entity but part of greater energy. Yoga helps to increase consciousness and makes you realize your true self.  It is a deep spiritual practice that is part of religion, science, philosophy, and exercise.

You can do yoga at home by watching videos, but it is advised that you should join the Isha center in Banglore that conducts a proper class and helps you to do yoga in a correct way. It is said that woman above sixty should include yoga in her life to stay away from age-related issues and here are some benefits of practicing yoga:

Better Flexibility

When you start aging, your body becomes stiffer. While doing yoga, you can stretch your body a little more and can make your body flexible. The increase in the levels of flexibility and also improve the range of your movements as you age. Yoga is necessary in order to prevent you from getting bedridden.

  • Move and Move with Zero Strain

Just walking is not sufficient when you want to stay healthy during your aging. Your body needs some kind of strength training which ensures that your mobility remains tactile. Many experts say that the best way to age healthily is to adopt yoga. Yoga is taken by the body easily and surely you will enjoy it. Yoga strengthens your body muscles while indulging your body in some turns and twists. As you are not using any external weights, the chances of injuries are very less while doing yoga.

Tackle Menopausal Issues Better

With age, there are some issues that a lot of women face and stress, weight gain, insomnia, irritability, are just a few of the issues during menopause. With yoga, you can put these irritating menopausal conditions away and by doing yoga you can immediately feel the difference.

Extended Lifespan of Bones

Brittle bones leading to fractures are quite common in women who are above sixty. Yoga helps in slowing down the pace of the loss of bone density. With this, the pain and inflammation experienced will also get smoothed out. Many doctors reveal that women above the age of sixty gained bone mineral density due to yoga.

Your Mind Will Remain Sharp

Yoga is proven for improving your memory and preventing age-related cognitive issues. While doing some mild yoga poses you could improve the circulation of blood in the body and can have a sharp mind.

With the rising popularity of yoga, many people want to include yoga in their lifestyle. With this, there are many questions asked by the people when they want to know the right yoga practice for them. You may get different suggestions when it comes to which type of yoga you should choose. To avoid any confusion, join the Isha foundation in Bangalore which helps you to find the right kind of yoga for you. While entering into yoga, they will help you to plan your yoga lifestyle accordingly.

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