Qatar Airways

Nobody likes to cancel their plans as it takes so much effort and adjustments to make them successful. My parents planned so much for my higher education in Singapore at Singapore Management University. But because of the Coronavirus fear the Singapore airport has been on hold to avoid the expansionContinue Reading

Bohemian holidays

Are you looking forward to planning a vacation this season? Do you want to have your trip a peaceful and wonderful one? If your answer is yes, then you must look forward to Bohemian holidays. Yes, you read it right. At Bohemian tours, there are so many things which youContinue Reading


Regardless of what you’re searching for in a late spring excursion spot—woodsy mountains, sea shores and footpaths, glorious national parks—you’re probably going to discover it some place in the US. Launch your late spring travel arranging with our gathering of 20 top picks and 15 noteworthy notices, including old backupsContinue Reading


Two of the most frequented beaches in eastern India, Digha and Puri, have become one of the most favorite tourist destinations for families as well as couples. Located on the northern shores of the Bay of Bengal, Digha is a renowned seaside town, which is a favorite weekend destination for people livingContinue Reading