Child’s Education Or Retirement

One of the most challenging issues you might face as a parent is prioritizing between your child’s college savings and your retirement. If you’re like most parents, you might rephrase the question this way: What is more important—my child’s education and secured future or my own security at retirement?  SeveralContinue Reading


An investor who wants to invest in mutual funds is offered two options – either to invest via a Systematic Investment  Plan (SIP) or via lumpsum. Under the SIP option, an investor invests a pre-determined amount at regular periods for a given time. On the other hand, lumpsum investment isContinue Reading

Online trading has highly revolutionized the whole process of trading in the stock markets. Individuals can now invest in securities with the help of online-based platforms provided by various companies. Another feature which makes them popular is the lowest brokerage charges in India. The online platforms also help to provide real-timeContinue Reading

Due to excessive heat in summers, there will be a bad impact on the vehicles as it will lead to the overheating of the vehicles. But it is important to take care of the vehicles for maintaining them for long. The vehicle owners must take protective measures to keep theirContinue Reading

Human bodies are vulnerable to accidents, illnesses and injury. We know when any harm may happen to the folks we love or people that are around us. Thus it’s always great to get some level of fundamental knowledge to look after crucial scenarios; to keep it from moving from badContinue Reading

debt funds

Financial planning is important to realize your life goals and the process makesyou consider mutual funds as a preferred investment avenue. Individuals usually consider opting for debt funds to realize their short-term goals, a hybrid of debt and equity for medium-term goals, and equity mutual funds for long-term goals. WhenContinue Reading