Guide to Buying Jewellery

A Guide to Buying Jewellery

As Indians we are bought up seeing our parents, grandparents shop for gold on various occasions like festivals, weddings, milestone events, and other similar times. However, as time passed the idea of buying gold as an investment remained but shopping perspectives and methods changed drastically. I still remember with my newly found freedom, the first time I single-handedly stepped into a Jewelry shop to buy gold drop earrings with my first salary. I was petrified as if I was ready to get cheated on, till that time I had always been at the back seat accompanying either my cousins or parents or some distant aunt in their gold shopping sprees. I then wondered- A guide to Jewellery would have come in handy.

Now, as a Jewellery expert, I am happy to share my inputs on buying precious Jewellery.

  1. If you are someone who wants to buy gold as an investment then buy 24KT gold coins that start from as low as 1gm with eyes closed.
  2. For all those who are minimalists, go for 18KT white or rose gold or diamond Jewellery. They are something that you can adorn as daily wear and trust me they offer an effortless style factor.
  3. Jewelry shopping need not be that typical go-to store, you can venture online Jewellery shopping, browse through a lot of designs before choosing one.
  4. For those of you who wish to twin up with their partners try the forever special Gold Ring Design for Couples, you will not be disappointed at all given the variety, price, and weight range that is available
  5. Jewelry shopping is something which we all do with family, while this concept is seen changing in the recent times, one only needs to be cautious in taking that first step to buying Jewellery alone or online.
  6. Buying online is indeed a great way given the convenience and flexibility it offers, but it is wise to choose a Jeweler who has both an online and in-store presence.
  7. Before buying your coveted piece ensure to cross-check the price with a few other retailers, ensure the making charges are in sync with the product design and not exuberantly charged.
  8. Know that you can bargain on making charges as well as on gemstone carat cost if you are buying gemstone Jewellery.
  9. If there is a tie to choose between two of your favorite Jewellery example may be plain gold Jewellery and gemstone jewelry- then it is strongly recommended to go with plain gold Jewellery over the gemstone jewelry thinking of the additional buying cost you need to pool in for gemstones and also the resale of plain gold Jewelry is higher than that of gemstone pieces.
  10. Do not attempt to buy Jewellery without a bill or properly understanding every element of the bill. Always look for BIS hallmark Jewellery only, for it carries the purity authentication mark which helps you understand that the Jewellery is standard. You will also get a fair resale value if the gold is BIS hallmarked.

Hope these insights help you to buy fabulous and coveted pieces of Jewellery that you dearly cherish for a lifetime.

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