discount broker

Benefits of discount broker

The discount broker came into light after the arrival of internet. They purchase and trade via internet platform. They arrange for a trading platform to the investors but do not provide any counselling. They charge a minimum fee for trading. Over the past few years discount stockbrokers launch themselves in the market. They provide trading knowledge in currencies, equity, and commodity. Their fee for any trade is flat. A discount broker is quite popular among young generation and for the beginner. A discount broker is nearly identical with online brokerage. Investors do not intermingle with a live broker and they are very helpful for small depositors. Discount brokers provide some major benefits such as


Their service fee is very low compared to full-service brokerages. They charge flat fee for their service and that is also very minimum. So you can save your money while trading. They bid minor transactional cost because of their high volume trades.

Neutral Service

As the best discount broker in India do not provide any advice, they are very clear and impartial about their trading. They will not encourage you to buy stocks from a particular firm, as their charge is flat. Either a big or small company, their attitude will be same. They will guide you properly where to invest for a good return. So you will think clearly, where to invest according to your purpose.

Proper information

They offer a wide range of information about trading. You can learn them from their websites or from their office. If you have any doubt about anything, you can clear those from their informative brochures and websites.

Hassle-free account opening

You can open your account with your personal ID number. You don’t have to invest a whole day for account opening. You can easily open your account via online. You don’t need to sign lots of documents and papers for this purpose. So you can open your account very easily.

Client Service

Client service is the key factor for the success of any farm. If you are in doubt and want information, they will assist you via phone and resolve your issues.


Time management is the most key factor in the trading field. You have to make your decision wisely within a small time. The stock market is an unpredictable field where anything can happen within a second. So you have to be methodical and efficient for your investment plans. Professional stock brokers will guide you very effectively how to invest properly in the stock market.  Their valuable tips and tricks will ease your path as an investor.

Not deceptive

They do not give any third party sales target or brokerage target to their clients. They discuss every trading plan and schedule with lots of information and clarity. So you can take your decisions wisely and your perception will be unambiguous. They are expert for intraday trading. Well, known discount brokers use top-level third party services which other traditional firm hires but with lesser price. They do not charge any annual fee.

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