Public to Private in Windows 10

Change Network Type from Public to Private in Windows 10

We are aware of the various benefits and options Windows provides us with when it comes to settings. When it comes to selecting the kind of network type that the user will feel comfortable to take windows has a good option base for that as well.

Generally, windows 10 come with a setting of a public network type. In order to change it to private network type, it is important to understand how these to differentiate from each other and which one will be better for the kind of usage that you are looking forward with the network type.

You must have definitely found yourself in a condition where you are unable to connect your printer to your computer or you are unable to access the Local Network that is available. At that point in time it must have occurred to you that why is your laptop giving you such an hassle. When you are out in a public space, it’s great when your laptop is behaving as a protector to your data and process information by disabling all the networks that are trying to connect to it. But then what if you come back home and still you are unable to connect your own Wi-Fi, this doesn’t sound fun.

Amidst all this confusion you must be wondering what exactly is happening in your laptop. No this is the first thing that you need to know before we move ahead with the other aspect. There are two preferable network types that Windows 10 device has. The first one is a public network type and the other is a private network type. The public network unlike how the name suggests actually blocks the computer or laptop from all types of external networks. Which means you cannot share files, connect to the printer or even access the Wi-Fi, mobile data etc. if required. There are many viruses that are waiting for attacking your information on does in a public space the public network type actually is a great pleasure. But once your back home you come to your private space and that is when you need your private network setting to be enabled because you would love to access your Wi-Fi and associated benefits as well. This is when you would plan on finding out how you can set the network settings from public network type to private network type in the Windows 10 device that you are using.

Let us see how we can do this differently for the different requirement that we see in our laptop or computer on day to day basis.

Public to Private Network Type for Wi-Fi: –

When you want to accept your Wi-Fi, you will notice that you have the various network connections and their names coming on your screen when you click on the Wi-Fi button on the left. When you click it you will find a small icon named Properties. Once you click on that, you will receive a network profile showing whether you want your profile to be public or private. Just click on the one the setting you prefer and move ahead with the settings.

Public to Private Network Type for Wired Network: –

When you click on the network icon which is of a computer screen shaped symbol (generally next to the clock symbol), you will have a menu that occupies the major portion of your screen immediately. Here you will see that there will be an option written as network connected or any other name as well. Just click that and once again you will have the option of choosing whether you want a public or private network profile for usage. Windows 10 is also helping you by writing down the one to two line definition of what public and private network would actually make for. This is just a user interface that one would love to use.

You realize how simple it is to change your network settings for the most basic usage that you use on a daily basis. Even if this does appear simple, it is also important to notice how crucial it is to understand the difference between the two and accordingly make the changes in the settings so that all your private information remains private and does not float on the virus oriented network that we all exposed to, in the global world that we live today.

This quick article does not only want to explain the idea of how you can change network type based on your need but also wanted to give you a clear understanding what both these two network types are and what are the inherent dangers and benefits for both of them. If you want to remove this hassle of changing the network for different requirements like wired networks, Wi-Fi, printer and sharing files differently, then there is one common way as well.

Just click your control panel and find the option of network and internet right there. Inside this option there will be the next option of home group. Just click this and change the network location setting that is present in your laptop or device. We have loaded you with many ways to change your network settings. We have also giving you good information about the different network settings and why these network types make a difference in your regular life. The first thing surely in your list would be to now make sure that your network settings are based on the location where you are using your Windows 10 device.

The best part about all the three ways that have been described in this article is that all of them are easy and quick to change as per your requirement. The benefit is that you do not have to worry how you can do this regularly if required. All three of them can be done within seconds, and before you feel the time hassle, your Windows 10 network setting has been changed from public to private so easily.

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