Everything You Need To Know About Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rugs are used by a lot of people as it offers great features and benefits. It is very highly recommended for home décor. It is made from a natural fibre collected from these agrass plant and hence has eco-friendly properties.

What Is Sea Grass?

Seagrass is a plant which grows under the sea, which obviously is quite understandable by its name. They come from a plant family which is from Alismatales. They are usually found in Bermuda and Florida bay. They are used to make many things like bandages, mattresses, carpets and rugs etc.

Seagrass rugs

Seagrass rugs are made from natural fibre obtained from seagrass plant. Seagrass rugs are really good for home as it gives an eco-friendly environment. Seagrass rugs have a smooth texture and are usually of khaki colour. If someone is looking for a rug that is affordable and also looks quite premium and stylish then he or she should go for seagrass rugs.

Characteristics And Benefits Of Seagrass rugs

The following are the list of characteristics and benefits of seagrass rugs:-

  • Seagrass rugs have a shiny smooth texture with wax coating.
  • It is resistant to water marks and stains.
  • It has various colours ranging from light green to khaki.
  • The colour and texture of the seagrass rug makes it look cleaner and nice.
  • It is also sound resistant.
  • It is also a bit dust resistant, thus can be cleaned by vacuuming it for a while.
  • It is very much affordable.
  • It is a quality fibre and has enough availability.
  • It has high durability.
  • It can bear some liquid spilling because of its composition and properties.
  • Itis allergen free hence, making it free from any chemicals or any other harmful substances.
  • It provides great comfort and beautiful textures, feel and looks.
  • It is very easy to install and can be used for various purposes.

Precautions To Take While Using And Cleaning Seagrass Rugs

One has to take care of the seagrass rugs carefully. Though, it is quite easy for maintenance but still there are some things that one should be careful about. Seagrass rugs should not be used in the outside as the outside nature elements can easily decrease the life span of the seagrass rug. You must clean the rug with damp cloth. If any solid food falls on the rug, make sure that you pick it up using a knife or any other appropriate thing. The stains must be cleaned using mild soap and a damp cloth, after cleaning then blow dry it so that the rug doesn’t remain wet. You can clean the dust by using a vacuum cleaner which has a strong suction power. Make sure that you never use a shampoo or steam clean to clean your seagrass rug.

Seagrass rugs are definitely a good investment and one should really don’t worry while buying it. They offer great features and make your home look more and more beautiful. They enhance the overall look of your house and keep it simple and nature friendly.


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