How 9apps And Vidmate Have Gained Popularity?

The applications help the user to get entertainment, daily news, gaming, general knowledge, security, etc. The inbuilt play store in Android is having millions of apps. The 9apps install download 2018 is also a necessary one for the people who are searching good alternative. This is a popular application that is suitable for both mobile and pc. This is downloaded by more than millions of users as this app store is more effective. This application is clean and simple to use. The attractive UI will make the new users use this app without any doubt. Thus they will get addicted to this store.

Why 9apps is best?

The applications like social media, browser, media player, photo editor, and the many other apps are available in this store. This is so simple for the users to pick the special application by selecting from the category. It takes very few minutes to download. The settings menu of the app enables the user to skip the installation process. So you can simply download whatever application you are looking in the app store and then install them one by one when you have enough space.

The paid apps can also be downloaded for free of cost. The gaming apps with the high-quality graphics may not be available for free in other play store but this app store is providing them without any payment. There is no limit for downloading the applications. This app store is lightweight and also supports multiple languages. As this app is not accepting the terms and conditions of the Google play store you cannot find in it.

Is vidmate good for downloading media files?

The plenty of video downloader applications are available in the third party app source. One of them is this vidmate. The many people try using Vidmate downloader on their mobile. This is because it gives them the media files like videos, movies, pictures, wallpaper, ringtones, music and many. All these files can be set with different resolutions. So even when the cluster of files is downloaded it never mess with each other’s file clarity. This is the reason that this application is popular worldwide.

The inbuilt video player enables the user to watch the videos in HD also the live streaming in full clarity. The application is having the download manager so you can able to see the status of each and every file that is getting downloaded. You can queue up to twenty files. The app supports all the file formats such as the mp3, MOV, AVI, mpeg4 and many.

All these formats can be converted into the required one with the help of the file conversion feature. So you can watch the file in the video player when the conversion is in progress. It does not affect the quality. The application is free from the harmful infections and so your mobile device remains safe. All your information will be safe and secure as this app never steals them.

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