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How Much Does WordPress Cost to Start a Blog?

In this digital age, one question that keeps on making rounds and gets asked often is how much it costs to start a WordPress blog! 

To put it precisely, it costs nothing and yet it is one investment that has no upper limit! WordPress happens o be an open source software where you have the liberty to install any kind of website. 

Now the next question that arrives is where the cost is coming from if WordPress happens to be a free blog! Well this can be broken down into following categories – 

  1. Domain name 
  2. WordPress hosting 
  3. Design 
  4. Plugins and Extensions 

Though the software happened to be free of charge and is easily downloadable from WordPress.org, there are other nitty-gritties where you have to spend money like the hosting space and domain name. These are based on the specific needs that you have. 

For creating a self-hosted site for WordPress, you need the webhosting for file-storage. Each and every website on the internet calls for hosting. This is the home, where your website lives on the internet. 

If you intend to begin a WordPress blog, then Bluehost is the best place for your blog’s accommodation! There are different types of hosting plans, you need to go with one that fits the budget and suits your needs,

You may also select to invest in SEO, customisation and other factors along the way and all these sum upto the other costs! 

Now let us break down the cost for you –

  • Domain Cost –Creating a domain name is similar to purchasing property. You must make the name of domain brandable and rich with keywords. You should select a domain with .net,.com or .org. If you buy Bluehost then you can get domain for free and that claims for an optimum saving amount. Usually, you can get a domain for $12 for a .com name. 
  • Web-Hosting Cost – This happens to be one of the most major investments that you need to make. Do not cut back on the hosting service. For the new blog shared hosting is the best. You can choose Bluehost that provides one domain for free for $79 or SiteGround for $71.4 (with no free ones)!
  • Setup Cost – There are many resources and tutorials that will be available on the web rom where you will know how to install WordPress. 
  • Theme Cost – The most stimulating task is to select from the best theme for the website in terms of functionalities, price and speed. There are a plethora of themes, but they miss out on some of the vital aspects.  It can be free or cost you around $86.
  • Premium Plugins Cost – One of the key perks of WordPress is list of plugins that are free and a majority of that can be discovered in the Plugin Repo of WordPress! There are also many premium plugins which are present in a variety of costs. Usually, as a blogger attempting to start the blog with minimum financing, you can skip paying for the plugins or services other than the free ones to assist you enhance the functionality of the site like boosting the optimisation of the on-page optimisation. Usually the price for plugins can range between $47-$200!

Now let us consider how much the WordPress Blog costs taking all these into account.

Depending on what you want, this can cost you from $70-$1499

Do your research and see how much you can invest and on the basis of that you can go for the paid plugins. 

If you are not able to spare time or are not being able to acquire the knowledge to set up the blog, then it is advisable that you appoint the WordPress development services in India. They have dedicated professionals who can help you get the desirable blog without costing you an arm and a leg.

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