Popular designs of diamond necklace

Popular designs of diamond necklace

Diamond has always been a source of happiness for women. But whenever one is buying diamonds they must check the clarity, the cut and definitely the carat along with the certification because it is a precious stone. When the stone is bought right, one definitely gets to know it by its luster.

When it comes to jewellery pieces then diamond necklace is something which is beautiful and worth owning. They not only look classy but can be paired with both traditional and western outfits. The price range can obviously vary depending on how many diamonds are used in the necklace and the cut of it as well.

Here is some trendy necklace design that one can think of when one decides to get a diamond necklace:

Simple diamond necklace

When it is a simple necklace it is all about elegance. When a necklace is made of diamond, one must know that it does not have to be elaborately designed always. It can be simple and beautiful at the same time. One can go for petal or leaf patterns, flowers and abstract designs in a simple diamond necklace. They always stand out.

Heavy diamond necklace

They are pretty much heavy and hence they are expensive. They are not only heavily done but they can be studded well with some high quality diamond pieces. One can buy them as a asset because they have a very high brand value. One can use some top notch diamonds to make this heavy necklace and one must pair them with a simple outfit because all attention must be there for the necklace.

Light weight diamond necklace

They are mostly simple diamond necklaces but in most cases they are paired with matching earrings. They are light weight and hence one can carry them easily. They look decent and stylish and so one can wear them to any formal meetings, office functions and pre wedding functions. One can also go for plaint diamond pendant with a golden chain if they want to wear something simpler.

Kundan diamond neckalce

Kundan is a particular kind of jewellery design and one can wear those designed necklaces in any traditional occasions or weddings. When it comes to kundan diamond necklaces, they have a gold or silver base and on them there is rich kundan work with intricate diamond crystals. Sometimes pearl bits are also added to them and this gives one a gorgeous look once worn.

Ruby Kundan diamond fusion necklace

This is one necklace which is full of designs, precious and semi precious stones and thus this is something which is not only heavy but extremely gorgeous and only to be worn occasionally. This is a fusion designer necklace which has a lot of sparkling diamonds and when one wears them, all eyes will be glued to the necklace for sure.

Apart from all these one can always go for a regular statement piece of diamond necklace where one can incorporate their own designs and wear them on any occasions depending on their attire.

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