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The Significant Reasons to Use Social Media to Increase Site Traffic

It will be really surprising if you ask why you should use social media for your business marketing, given the given scenario, when everything has gone virtually digital. Digital marketing today is essential for any business, online and otherwise, to survive. When you make the best use of the different social media platforms will help you to:

  • Reach to a larger section of your social followers thereby making your marketing efforts more productive and effective
  • Reach out to them instantly and on the go as most of these social sites are accessed through mobile devices and
  • Create a better awareness for your business, brand, and product thereby increasing the engagement.

Most importantly, when you use social media platforms in the best way possible, you will be able to drive social as well as all your followers for Instagram towards your site thereby gaining more organic traffic.

Today, the social signals have become the most important part for search engine optimization. In fact, social media for businesses today can make or take down a brand easily. Therefore, it is elementary that today, in order to survive the competition, you must have a clear, well-defined, immaculately planned and executed social media strategy.

Knowing social media marketing

It is vital today to know the technologies and go over and above the traditional advertising strategies. To start with the basics, you must know what social media marketing really is.

Social media marketing or SMM is the process that will help you to create better brand awareness. This will help you, in turn, to drive targeted traffic towards your site from social media sites.

The most significant thing that SMM relies on is user interactions. This interaction can happen literally in any place.

Apart from social media sites, you can also use different other sites for promoting your business and product such as:

  • You can use the social bookmarking websites which will allow your users to bookmark favorite URLs and then share them later on publicly.
  • You can also use social news websites such as Tec meme which will allow the users to submit news articles. According to popularity, these articles can get ranked.
  • Social apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram are also useful for modern business marketing with the increased usage of Smartphones. This will allow your users to interact with one another on-the-go.

This means that your marketing can start virtually anywhere giving it a higher chance of success with such increased reach.

Choosing the best platform

Choosing the best social media platform that is right for you is very important in this matter since there are plenty of social media platforms out there. Each of these platforms serve their own purpose.

You can use different social media sites for your marketing purpose. Some of the major platforms that you should focus on include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • Pocket
  • Flipboard
  • YouTube and even
  • Different community forums.

Ideally, the most commonly used social platforms happen to be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter but there can be several others that can be added to your list of choices apart from these core social media platforms. A few powerful names of social networking include:

  • Google Plus
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Quora

Make it a point that you simply do not choose any social media platform. Consider your niche always and think from the perspective of your target audience, which, ideally, have different choices and preferences depending on the platform they hang out on. This will increase the chances of your reach and drive more traction and website traffic from them.

Gain significant benefits

When you do your social media marketing properly, you will gain significant benefits from it, making your hard work worth it. All you need is to create a better marketing strategy and be creative. Research says that:

  • 97% of marketers use social media to look for a product and brand they like and
  • 78% of salespeople outsell their competitors by using social media for their business marketing.

However, the benefits of using social media for business marketing extend far beyond increasing your sales with better and more effective promotion for your business. Some of the additional benefits that you will gain from social media marketing include:

  • Growing your brand awareness and spreading the word about your product and mission easily and
  • Increasing your traffic tremendously by linking it to your website.

Therefore, investing in social media marketing is the right thing to do to promote your products and services.

More traffic increases growth possibilities

For any business, having more customers is important. However, it is not easy to gain them. You will first need to reach out to them and then explain to them about you, your products and services and the specific benefits they will gain when they use it. Now, it is impossible to reach out to a large audience, that too beyond your geo limits, physically. You will need to have a website for that, and that is not all!

You will need to have a considerable amount of traffic to your site and this is where social media marketing will prove to be handy. There is a distinct reason to say so. Here it is.

It is evident that blogging will give your business an opportunity to create content that is relevant for the audience of your website. However, when you use social media platforms it will constantly pull content from your blogs. This will drive traffic back to your site.

All you have to do is make sure that all your social media posts include:

  • The correct website links to your blog articles
  • Attractive and creative visuals and
  • Are optimized for speed.

This will ensure that the followers click through to your site and you get more traffic, more SEO, better rank in the SERPs, an increased chance of conversion, higher possibilities to make a sale and generate more revenue for your business and ensure the desired growth, all in that order.

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