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Things You Need To Consider When Opting For A Kitchen Renovation

An updated and rewired kitchen adds value and functionality to a house but remodelling the same will be equal parts, exciting and daunting. It takes careful research and planning to remodel the kitchen smoothly with convenience. Superficially, surfing through samples could look fun, but it is necessary to look at the bigger picture before starting with the planning. While working, it is essential to consider the size of the space, usefulness of the existing layout and minimum cost of the overall renovation. Any remodelling can get out of hand, in terms of size and cost, so it is necessary to keep the following points in mind.

1.  Consider your budget

Budgeting is undoubtedly the first footstep when remodelling a kitchen. A new kitchen can be majorly expensive, so plan a budget when deciding on how big one can go. Before budgeting, it is a decent choice to research about the basics and calculate an average of the whole process. Some appliances like marble worktops can get expensive, so it is advisable to compare the marble worktops prices from different sites and local stores. Also, while updating the cabinet and other appliances, surf through various magazines to explore ways to save money.

2.  Schedule first

Before demolishing your old kitchen, it would be wise first to schedule the changes you require. All the new moves, like the appliances, cabinets, worktops, lighting, and flooring, should be correctly listed with exact measurements. Also, scheduling the plumber, electrician, and other subcontractors would be a great idea.

3.  Study the existing layout and examine an addition

As a kitchen expert, we recommend using the current design of the kitchen. This doesn’t mean that nothing can be changed but it refers to keeping the position of plumbing, gas, and electricity intact. So, for example, the refrigerator and sink’s position has to stay intact while there can be open cabinetry instead of a closed one. There can be some movements but try not to rewire heating and air-conditioning ductwork.

When making an addition, make sure to examine the workspace because the primary motivation behind remodelling the kitchen is gaining more space. For instance, if you have small areas like laundry rooms, pantry, bathroom or mudroom, merging it with the kitchen space makes sense to attain the goal. But keep in mind, the budget!

4.  Selecting appliances

It is vital to consider the new appliances which are to install. With modern appliances comes wiring and additional construction. For instance, placing a dishwasher may require additional wiring and plumbing which would raise the budget. Installing a dishwasher would also need to have a utensil drawer just below the dishwasher platform. If installing new appliances, be aware of the weight of the same. Particular worktops would require changes following the machine installed. As a suggestion, marble worktops work the best but keep in mind to compare the marble worktops prices. Therefore, there are little things to keep in mind for convenience.

5.  Lighting is the key

Two ceiling lights installed with a little window over the sink is a reminder to improve on the lighting. A dark looking kitchen is no fun. It is advisable to add layers lighting like recessed lighting, pendant fixtures, LED under-cabinet lights, or a chandelier—to give it a dramatic feel. It is also essential to locate the switches at convenient places. A quick tip would be installing a line of lights over the countertop nosing.

6.  Marble worktops

The most crucial element is remodelling kitchen worktops. As we know, using marble worktops creates a smooth and neat surface, making it best for the kitchen. To add a hint of shine and elegance, the usage of this is necessary. In general, the worktops prices are quite high, but with a little research, there are stores and sites which have marble worktops at cheap rates. Make sure to look into a bit!

7.  Ventilation is important

Relocating the cooktop without considering the ventilation is a common mistake people do. To maximize the effectiveness of the ventilation, make sure to check where the vent would terminate outside the house too.

These are a few considerations and suggestions to keep in mind while renovating your dream kitchen. Go ahead with the planning and execution. Best of luck!

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