Top 3 Papadia Flavors

What Are the Top 3 Papadia Flavors

When you’re looking for quick and simple eats, pizza may be your tried-and-true choice. But did you know there’s another hand-held meal featuring your favorite pizza flavors and ingredients? It’s called the Papadia, and whether you’re craving a snack or sitting down for a meal there are a few top Papadias flavors that are sure to fit the bill.

What the Papadia Is

If you’re only familiar with Papa John’s as a pizza purveyor, you might be missing out on one of their newest treats. Somewhere between a flatbread sandwich and a full-blown pizza lies a specialty known as the Papadia, folded dough filled with gooey cheese, chopped veggies, and tender meats. These handheld meals come complete with a dipping sauce for an extra kick of flavor, and ordering them is just a click or call away. Just search for lunch pickup near me to check out the Papadias flavors.

What the Number One Papadia Flavor Is

Since there are several choices on offer, your biggest challenge might be picking just one. Do you go with the fan-favorite Italian Papadia, with its classic meat combination of sausage and salami, topped by Alfredo sauce and served with a side of pizza sauce? Or maybe another popular option, the Philly Cheesesteak Papadia, with its melt-in-your-mouth steak and veggies plus gooey mozzarella, all ready for dipping in garlic sauce? If beef isn’t your protein of choice, then the grilled chicken, onions, and cheese blend of the Buffalo Chicken Papadia may be up your alley. Its topping of buttermilk ranch and buffalo sauces kicks the whole thing up a notch, and there’s even a side of ranch sauce to seal the delicious deal.

Why You Should Order Papadia’s for a Family Dinner

When you’re planning a family meal, you’ve probably got a lot of different palates to please. Why not make it easy on yourself and order Papadias from Papa John’s? If the Italian, Philly Cheesesteak, and Buffalo Chicken Papadias flavors aren’t enough to satisfy your brood, someone at your table is sure to enjoy the Grilled BBQ Chicken & Bacon Papadia or the Meatball & Pepperoni Papadia. The former piles on chicken, bacon, onions, and melty cheese, then caps it off with tangy barbecue sauce for some extra zip, while the latter adds a zesty twist to its meatball and pepperoni combination with authentic Italian seasonings.

Whatever your family is craving, there’s sure to be a Papa John’s Papadia to please them all. Even better, Papadias are easy to order and even easier to eat; since there are no plates required, cleaning up should be a breeze! Just search for fast food delivery near me to check out your ordering options.

When you’re ordering in dinner for the whole family, or even just grabbing a quick snack for lunch, Papa John’s Papadias are a great choice. Whether you opt for one of the top Papadias Flavors or sample them all to find a favorite of your own, these hand-held meals are made to satisfy almost any craving. Why not try one today?

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