What are the various types of Bridal Sarees in India?

Sari is traditional Indian attire. Indian women love wearing sarees. They wear it during special occasions and for daily purpose as well. Sarees are of various types and can be worn on different occasions. Sarees are basically long clothes of 5-8 metre and are draped across women’s body. Women wear blouse with saree. Sarees come in various designs with a variety of colours and patterns. Some sarees are meant to be worn at home while others are worn for parties, marriages, and other events. Indian brides wear saree for sure. Bridal sarees are of various types and colour as well. Some brides wear net saree while others wear banarsi silk saree. Some also choose to wear simple but unique chiffon saree for their wedding. Silk sarees are of various types as well. Brides definitely wear silk saree in their wedding. Silk sarees are traditional and look great on Indian brides. In few families it is compulsory for brides to wear traditional banarasi silk saree at least one day during the rituals. But now the time has changed and brides wear sarees of their choice. Here is the list of various types of silk sarees that brides can buy and wear. Let me tell you one more thing bridal sarees online shopping is also possible. If you or someone is going to be bride then you can buy sarees online as well. Silk sarees of various types in listed below are the various types of silk sarees who will explain to you about their origin, the cloth quality, design and pattern. Let’s discuss the various types of silk sarees.

Banarasi silk saree

These sarees are originated in the Varanasi state India they are known to be the finest sarees of all over the world. Indian brides wear the saree for short during their wedding. Other women who attend the wedding wear these Banarasi silk saree with golden silver brocade as well.

Kanjeevaram silk saree

Kanjivaram silk sarees are also known as Kanchipuram silk saree because they are introduced in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. An interesting part of these sarees is that the Sari, border, and body of the saree are woven separately and then interlocked together. These sarees are extremely beautiful and look great on Indian women or ladies. If you are a saree lover then you must have worn this saree for sure.

Art silk sarees

Art silk is also known as artificial silk. They are a type of synthetic fibre which resembles silk. They are cheaper to produce. If you are looking for some traditional Indian saree on a budget then this can be the best for you. It does have a few unique features that distinguish it from the original silk sarees.

Baluchari silk sarees

These are the most common silk sarees in India and especially worn by the women of Bangladesh. This type of saree is mostly preferred and owned by women of rich and elite class. You can also do online bridal saree shopping and buy this type of saree online. All types of silk sarees are available online.

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