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What Does a Staffing Agency Do?

I felt I knew what the recruitment agencies do: they find jobs for people, right? Is it probably an entry-level job? Type final choice for jobseeker? Then I started working in the industry and found out that I was completely wrong.

They don’t want to find a job for you

Recruitment agencies connect people with exciting jobs every day – but their goal is to fill vacancies for their clients and not find jobs for candidates. Their customers pay for this service, and that is why it is free for you. The agency wants to fill the best person for every job. If you are a great accountant and contact an agency that is loading a career in IT, it is unlikely that they will contact you by post.

But a recruitment company can find an excellent job for you

If you are an excellent accountant and the recruitment agency is looking for accountants, you can get the call. Many factors come into play – experiences, specialties, geography, etc. – but the recruitment company is trying to give its customers the best candidates for each job. So if you are great, you want to file your CV, but remember. The schedule for getting a job may be different.

When you apply for a job directly with a company, they want to take up that job so that the process can proceed quickly. Also, recruitment agencies are in permanent positions. You can not choose a candidate for the position you applied for, but if a similar situation is open one or three months later, you may receive a call.

Recruitment companies offer more than just basic jobs

While there are many newbie positions in agencies, most large companies rely on recruiting companies to hire talented staff because it is effective at managing the recruitment of experts who manage the recruitment process. For this reason, many companies use their partners to fill all their positions – from mechanical engineers to application developers, project managers, and accountants.

Recruitment agencies should not be considered a last resort – it should be the first stop. Get your resume in a file with a company that places people in your career field and see what happens. You can always say anything if you call, but you may be eligible for a job for which you say, “Yes!”

How to get a job through a hiring agency

Tips for getting a job

Treat it like a real interview: the recruiting agency will probably discuss with you to better understand your skills and experience. Treat this interview precisely like an interview with a company. Dress appropriately and arrive on time, if possible. You may also be asked to evaluate your skills to assess your skills, so be prepared.

Be Authentic: Be honest about your goals, whether you get a permanent job, maintain some flexibility, or develop some skills that will make you an attractive candidate for your next full-time career. Also, be honest about your availability. If it is only available on a business day, for example, report it to the recruiter at the recruitment agency. Finally, be honest about your employment history. If you have a working deficit, for example, notify the recruiter. He or she can help you understand how to clarify this to an owner.

Keep an open mind: Even if you need to work full time, consider opening yourself to temporary or contractual work. These can help you develop skills that could be useful when applying for your upcoming full-time job.

Follow-up: Send a handwritten or email note to thank the recruitment agency interviewers for their time and increase their curiosity in discovery a place.

Be determined and patient: if you applied for a job through an Engineering Job staffing agency and did not receive a response, continue for a week. It may not have been right for that specific job, but a recruiter might find something else that suits his skill set. Check with any staffing company you have contacted once a week to remind them of their interest and to show their enthusiasm.

Using other resources: You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. While waiting for news from the agency, keep looking for work. Check job boards and search engines and contact people in your industry. However, be open to your recruiter: tell him if you are applying for a job and are working with a second staffing agency. This way, your recruiter will not send you to a post that you have already used for (in some cases, an employer will delete your application if you see it twice).

When you get a job, you are ready: when you receive a mission, the agency will provide information on who will report, a dress code, hours, salaries, and a description of the duties and duration of the job. You may need to conduct a second interview with the company. If you do not receive all this information, ask the agency to obtain all this information.

You can say that: if you think a job is not a good option, the hours may not work for you or your salary is much lower than you need, be honest with the recruiter. Explain why you don’t need a job. It will help the recruiter find a better job in the future.

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