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A Complete Procedure For 189 Visa Australia

Are you looking for an immigration visa that doesn’t impose the unnecessary requirement of sponsorship as compared to the other visas? Well, if that is the case, then you need to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 right at this point of time. This specific type of Australian visa doesn’t let you face the extra hassle of getting your visa through the sponsorship of any of the organizations out there. Be it any of the employees presiding over the same post, a state or a territory, getting sponsored any of these sponsorship bodies is not a pleasurable experience when you are an independent minded person.

Who needs it?

For people like you, the independent subclass visa 189 has come as a boon as compared to others. This particular visa will let you work and thereby enjoy the privilege of staying as an Australian citizen. So, why wasting any further time? Just apply for the independent subclass 189 visa today itself and enjoy the several benefits that it gets you.

What are the documents required?

The Australian Department of Immigration shows a reasonable amount of stringency and strictness while framing the different eligibility criteria for each of its applicants. After the department has sent the candidate a letter of invitation, the candidate be it he/she needs to present the following documents to become completely eligible for the 189 Australian visa:

  • Document that proves that you are skilled in a particular area of activity and is thereby presiding over an occupation related to it.
  • Document that will prove substantially that you are skilled in that subject.
  • Document that helps you prove that you are below 50 years while you are applying for the visa concerned so on and so forth.

Apart from submitting the aforesaid documents to the department of home affairs, you also need to achieve the desirable amount of score that is point based by qualifying the points test successfully. Besides, you also need to prove that you possess a reasonable proficiency in the English language. Only after that you will be able to become fully eligible for the visa concerned.

What are the processing times?

While the applicant is applying for the 189 Visa Australia, the processing time depends on various factors like how swift is the candidate in implementing each of the official procedures effectively. Or that of has the candidate cracked all the eligibility tests successfully or whether he/she is at all eligible to apply for this particular visa. Based upon all this, there are two different time frames that have been framed accordingly:

  • 75% of the visas are usually processed within a period of 4 months
  • 90% of the visas are usually are processed with in a time-frame of 6 months.

What are the different benefits of the 189 visa?

Well, when it comes to availing the different benefits of the independent subclass 189 visa, there are benefits aplenty which any of the people can take the advantage of who is applying for the same. A few of the benefits can be considered below:

  1. The Australian visa 189 lets you and your entire family to stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time as long as you want to stay there.
  2. With the provision of the visa subclass 189 , you can live anywhere and in any possible part of Australia
  3. The processing times that the independent visa subclass 189 offers is the no doubt the fastest as compared to the other types of visas.
  4. Once you have applied for the 189 visa, you can stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time and can also switchover to any other occupation apart from the occupation you had applied in the visa for. Hence, you are also getting the liberty to stay in Australia by resorting to any kind of profession through the privilege of this particular visa according your own personal preference.
  5. What’s more, you can also study in and pursue an academic program from there after successfully obtaining this visa.
  6. The candidate who has applied for the 189 visa, particularly through the means of the best migration agent Perth will also get the wonderful scope to avail the facilities of Medicare, a substantial medical insurance over there as well as the facility of social security payments.
  7. Through the means of this particular visa, the applicant will get a very good scope to apply for a permanent residence as well as a permanent citizenship both for him/her as well as their other family members.

So, if you also want to get the privilege of the aforementioned benefits, you got to apply for the Australian 189 subclass visa right at this moment.

What are the processes included?

While the candidate is applying for the subclass 189 visa, he she also need to undergo the following 3 stages. The following being the:

  • Stage 1: Here you need to qualify a substantial skills assessment test taken by the Department of Australian Immigration based on your occupation.
  • Stage 2: Thereafter you will need to submit an expression of interest which you can do solo or through the assistance of an adept immigration agent.
  • Stage 3: This stage includes the sending of letter of invitation from the immigration department and your submission of the application with the all the documents required for it.

Eligibility Criteria

As far as the eligibility criteria part is concerned for the subclass 189 visa, it includes the following:

  • To lodge an EOI and required to be invited therefore
  • Successful cracking of the skilled migration points test
  • The applicant has to be aged between 18 and 44 years and not above than that
  • Have a proficiency in the English language
  • He/she needs to comply with the entire health and character assessment test successfully.

The Verdict!

So, why waiting any longer? Apply for the subclass visa 189 today itself and enjoy the benefits of both working in Australia as well as enjoying the various privileges an Australian citizen.






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