Changes by State Nomination Authorities and Their Impacts

Australia is the smallest continent yet the largest island on the face of this planet. It has its individuality in many ways. Its beautiful costal lines and breathtaking landscapes are famous all over the world. If we talk about its states then Australia is divided into six states of Australia. 

The list of their names are as following:

  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • New South Wales

All these states have their individuality in various contexts for example like population density, land, economics, education, etc. as all these states are different from each other and have their resources so the industries which contribute to the economics of these sates are also different. This is why every state of Australia needs manpower belonging to different occupations according to their own needs. To meet the needs of skilled individuals every state publishes a list of occupation that shows the need for talent in those occupations. People from all around the globe can apply for different visas like skilled independent visa 189, subclass 190 and subclass 491 regional visa, etc. if they belong to the relevant occupational list.

The occupational lists of different states change continuously with the changing needs of the state. Many occupations are added and removed regularly according to the demands of the state and territories. In this article, we will talk about the new changes in the different occupational lists by state nomination authorities.

What are these new changes?

Many occupations are added and removed from occupational lists of different states. Some other changes are also done. Following are all of these changes

  • The status of some occupations is changed to “special condition applies” in SA occupational list. These conditions are dairy farmer, vegetable grower, music teacher, research manager, certified aged care nurse.
  • A new occupation is added to the Western Australia graduate occupation list and it is a retail pharmacist. This occupation is only applicable for regional Western Australia
  • A new addition is made in ACT’s new application guidelines. This addition is the submission of the following documents.
  • Academic transcript from an eligible ACT institute
  • History of one’s enrolment, results, courses, and awards.
  • Submission of letter of completion of course.
  • Tasmania has announced that category 3 overseas applicant jobs are closed for Tasmania permanently for subclass 190 nomination.

What visas will be affected by these changes

Almost all of the skilled visas are affected by the changes done by state nomination authorities but some of the popular visas that will effect from it are given below:

Regional skilled visa subclass 491

This visa is for skilled people to come and work in Australia. But it restricted to regional areas of Australia only. One can come, live, study and work in provisional Australia for 5 years on this give. It also provides a pathway to PR after spending and working for three years in regional Australia.

Skilled nominated visa 190

This visa allows its holder to come, live and work in Australia permanently. It requires state nomination. One can also add other family members to this visa. It also entitles one to enjoy all state benefits like Medicare, etc.

Skilled independent visa 189

This visa is also a permanent visa but it does not require any sponsorship or nomination. It also allows one to come, live and work in Australia permanently. It is one of the most famous Australian skilled visas

Temporary skill shortage visa 482

This visa enables an eligible employer to get employees from overseas when he or she is unable to find a suitable person for a specific job in Australia. This is a temporary visa that allows one to stay for a period given by the visa type. This visa has three streams that are as below

  • Short term stream
  • Medium-term stream
  • Labor agreement stream

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