Convert PDF and Photo Files to Text

Convert PDF and Photo Files to Text!

So guys, today we are going to talk all about the different ways that you can use to translate text from image and what are their advantages and disadvantages. Now you must be stuck in a situation where you are short on a deadline or have accidentally saved the file in PDF or image format after which now you have to convert it to Word or text format. Now we would like you to read all about the different methods that you can use for this conversion. After reading the details, you can select the best option for you and start converting text immediately!

Using The Conventional Method!

The conventional method is obviously the one that comes in your mind, too, after making the blunder. You can convert or translate text from image manually by rewriting the document by your hand or hiring/paying a person to do so. You can easily put the PDF document or the image file parallel to your screen and start writing the word document immediately if you are short on deadline. Now, this is a pic to text method that you can use if you have a few lines or phrases to rewrite and that too is written by you in the first place as when you have the familiarity with the text you can jot it down with speed.

If you are converting or are planning to translate text from an image of a foreign document having complex text format and graphics in it, then you must probably think about it again, and you must think about it as fast as you are already on a short deadline. Now obviously you don’t have hours and days to convert a single document and neither you can pay a lot to convert this document so now it is important that you know about the next method to translate text from an image!

Using The Image to Text Converter Tools!

Now today, there are many tools available online that can help you to translate text from the image one of them is These tools are free to use and are easily available all around the web. You just have to navigate these tools, enter your image by just uploading it in the search bar and then finally you can easily hit enter or convert to get your image translated into text. You can upload an image document of any format, and you can also add PDF documents to convert them to the word. The special feature is known as the PDF OCR online feature for conversion.

Now, as we have already told you that the use of these tools are very easy and the results are instant at the same time, but there is one problem that you need to consider over her. All of these free tools are not reliable because they have a risk of breaching your personal images or the data on the image or PDF file. For this very reason, we have shortlisted the list of these free tools to one and the most reliable tool to translate text from image can be navigated from

The DupliChecker is a very famous and reliable platform when it comes to the free conversion of documents and other SEO formalities. Now you just must simply register yourself with DupliChecker with your email. You should know that it does not require any payments or other formalities, and this is just because of the reason that it will give you unlimited access to the free use of the tool. You can convert or translate as many documents as you want after registration!

The tool is the most reliable because it does not save your image or PDF document in its database; rather, it deletes all the files after converting or translating them into text!

Using Google Drive!

You can simply use the Google drive to translate text from the image too, and you just have to simply open the drive on your computer and then there you have to click on the desired file or image and open it with Google docs. This will immediately convert the pictorial format into Word or Docx format. The formatting might not transfer bold, italics, the type of font and lastly line breaks or alignments. You have to do all of it yourself!

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