visitor management system


It is a Visitor management system that help organizations to oversee visitors in their office premises. Visitors use to registration through self-administration stand that improves the general understanding of visitors and lifts by and large security.

Visitor management system is exceptionally valuable for organizations, schools, universities, producing offices, emergency clinics, government offices and so on for consistent registration. Presently not any more manual visitor log books require at the front work area.

A few organizations are as yet utilizing customary visitor management methods like registers, visitor books, etc. It expands parcel of administrative work in the association’s which builds the odds of mistakes and it’s extremely troublesome and tedious to oversee and record viably. These conventional obsolete systems won’t give the security what your association is actually searching for. The arrangement is robotized advanced visitor management system that fixes every one of these issues.

Visitor management system features

1) Self Service Kiosk-vLobby makes visitor management  simple with self-administration stand for consistent registration and registration include for visitors. It kills the chaotic and untidy administrative work and gives a decent expert encounter to visitors.

2) Enhanced Security– It improves security of office premises with modern face acknowledgment highlight of vLobby by catching photograph of visitors, checking their ids and printing advanced identifications alongside QR code age for gatherings. It keeps visitor information secure with the latest cloud based solution.

3) Showcase Branding– Welcome visitors with a marked sign in screen that gives enrapturing experience to visitors. Tweak the booth with organization logo and brand colours to make luring impact on visitors.

4) Instant Notifications– Employees get moment warnings about appearance of visitors, visitors and Delivery by means of sms, email, application notices and calls. It saves lot of time without squandering endeavors to follow visitors that supports profitability.

5) Real Time Visitor Data and Reports–Get constant information of visitors about the time they are entering and leaving the premises. It produces modify report of visitors and give bits of knowledge about visitor subtleties for example how much time they have stayed, how much extra time they had and so on.

6) Pre-Register visitors- Visitor data can be added to the system early if specific visitor meeting is as of now booked, this velocities up the whole sign-in procedure and it makes the general enlistment process bother free and spares parcel of time.

7) Remembers Returning Visitors-It assists with recollecting returning visitors quickly since all data use to get put away in the electronic visitor management  system. This causes returning visitors to sign-in rapidly since their information was at that point get put away in the system. In the event that returning visitor has some security issue previously, at that point security group will get moment notices.

Basically visitor management system is the best approach to deal with your office visitors. It assists with protecting office premise from the undesirable wrongdoers, interlopers and so on. A computerized visitor logs use to store subtleties of each and every visitor so it assists with keeping up visitor records which can be followed in future and it keeps the information secure.

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