The concept of electronic city came by R K Baliga, the managing director and chairman of Keonics. Bangalore is considered as the electronic capital of India. It is named so because of the existence of software industries, aerospace, heavy industries and telecommunications in the city.

The city has also been most preferred residential area. City has developed many reputable schools, hospitals, institutions, malls, entertainment centers and much more over years. It is the best city to invest in property for future as it is the developed area with largest industrial parks. The industrial parks have been spread over 340 acres of land. Many well-known designers and developers have developed the electronic city’s skyline concept so luxuriously. The city has most amazing infrastructure and has approximately 187 IT/ITES companies. People buy flats mostly in this area as it is very near to the airport, markets, schools and hospitals. Most of the people are in love with this place because of its convenience and traffic free roads. It’s neat and clean atmosphere and peaceful environment makes people invest more here. It is basically connected to whole Bangalore with its well-developed roads. The locality is very good and airport is also located very close that increases its value even more. Many new companies are also trying their best to make a space in Bangalore to be well known. It is a perfect area to move in.

Most of the people stay faraway places, some for study while others for their profession. There is a big problem for many people in getting a good place to stay these days. PG in electronic city Bangalore is available in a large number and also differs on the aspects of resources place to place. Living away from house might be a very difficult task for many youngsters and even grownups. Many PGs provide internet facilities, ensuring safety, proper meals, TV, AC, Gym facilities, cupboards, attached washrooms and much more services as per your needs. Accessibility to market, basic facilities, transportation, surroundings and working areas are to be kept in mind before choosing a specific place to live. People who want to cook themselves can also cutoff food expenses and cook themselves or go for Tiffin service option. PGs can also be taken on single or double sharing basis as per your necessities. Many PGs also offer fingerprint access systems for better security controls. PG is to be found near work place so it may save travel expenses. In case if someone is looking for accommodation or PG in electronic city phase 1 for gents is best option anyone can opt for in a very minimal prices with proper home like facilities. It is ideal for men working in companies nearby. Its pocket friendly prices make it unique in front of the services they provide.

As per views of most of the people and various references, it has been found that PG is the best option to opt for people who have been staying in different places leaving their homes.


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