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Five tips for finding the best drug and alcohol treatment center.

Alcohol or drug addiction can wreak a havoc in your lives, to the extent that it may even cause death. You may be searching for an alcohol rehabilitation center in pune to get rid of the addiction and to start living a healthy life again. Finding the right rehab center is crucial and could be a complicated process. Substance abuse can lead to give health problems, cause disability and prevent you from fulfilling your responsibilities at home, work or in school. We list below five tips for finding a good drug and alcohol treatment center.

  1. Get a substance abuse assessment done by a physician-before you decide to choose a treatment center, you must get yourself assessed by a certified doctor or a psychiatrist who has the necessary experience in treating substance abuse disorder. Treatment varies according to the severity of the problem and the nature of substance used. Therefore, the doctor will explore all possibilities before recommending a specific treatment to you. For some, a 90-day treatment program is enough while for others it may take a longer period.
  2. Find out the resources provided by the facility- along with substance abuse, many people suffer from panic and anxiety attacks and depression. When you are searching for a rehab treatment center, visit the website to check the resources they provide in treating the related disorders of drug or alcohol addiction. Also, find out if the counsellors at the rehab center can undergo dual diagnosis of the patient and treat both, accordingly.
  3. Check if the rehab facility uses medication- if you are suffering from opioid addiction and if you are looking out for a rehabilitation in pune that offers prescription treatment for the drug dependency then you must find out before choosing it. Some centers do not treat opioid addiction with medication while some others do. Some treatment center offer detoxification services also in which the patients’ bloodstream is made free of toxic substances.
  4. Look for a facility that has running business- move away from rehab centers have been in operational for the last five years or more. Treatment centers lose business when the treatment offered is not up to the mark. The ones who provide the best services see continuous business and that is a sign of a trustworthy and beneficial rehab treatment center.
  5. Luxury and quality does not go hand in hand- the charges levied varies from one rehab center to another one. While some may be cost effective, others may charge exorbitant. The expensive rehab centers include amenities that are more luxurious and are often located in posh localities. However, this does not necessarily mean that they offer the best treatment.

 The above points will help you in choosing a rehab center wisely. However, you must understand that the patient must continue to follow the treatment even after he leaves the center so that no relapse occurs. Only then will he be fully recovered and will be able to lead a normal life again.

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