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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Carnations: The Birth Flowers of January

Be it wedding arrangements or an anniversary bouquet, carnations are always the first choice of people these days. They are not only beautiful to look at but their sweet fragrance lingers on for a long time. Carnations can bring life to any floral decoration with their delicate beauty and charm. People recognize these flowers immediately and their aura of charm can allure everyone around. Countries around the world love these flowers and surprisingly, they are more popular than the classic roses.

Not only that, did you know carnations are the January birth flower? It means, if you are born in January, this versatile blossom has certain character traits that match with yours. You can buy them from a local florist or use an online flower delivery in ludhiana service for surprising your January born friends with these flowers. If you want to know some cool facts and history about this beauty from the flower world, keep reading.

History of Carnations

As per the legends of Christianity, the first appearance of carnations can be traced back to the time when Jesus was carrying the cross. It is believed that these flowers started growing at the regions where the tears of Virgin Mary fell when she wept over the plight of her son.

Thanks to their timeless beauty, carnations have been there for centuries. If we look at ancient history, Romans and Greeks always preferred these slightly spicy-scented flowers to decorate the holy statues and idols. These flowers have royal beginnings indeed since they were even used in various ceremonial crowns. Aren’t the January borns feeling special already?

Symbolism and Colours

From the Middle Ages, people started using carnations as beautiful wedding gifts as they symbolize happiness and faithfulness. The best part of these flowers is they come in a lot of colors and shades. If you are planning to send flowers to mumbai or gifting it to your friends, you must know what traditional significance the respective colors hold.

In general, carnations are a symbol of women’s love as well as fascination. The basic pink carnations are a symbol of nobility, love, and intrigue. They are also linked with motherly devotion and love so, make for a great Mother’s Day gift. While white carnations symbolize good luck and pure love, the purple ones are for implying unpredictability.

 The light rouge hue represents admiration. If you want to gift carnations to your partner, for the classic deep reds as they symbolize deep love. Although there are a variety of carnations available, the most common ones are the perpetual-flowering, border carnations as well as annual carnations.

Cool Facts

If you are into botanical trivia and want to boost your knowledge, here are some interesting facts about carnations:

  • Slovenia, Colombia, Spain as well as Monaco have adopted carnations as their respective National Flowers.
  • For decades, Ireland has been using the green carnations for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Korea considers pink and red carnations as an integral part of Parents Day. People wear these international favorite flowers like a corsage or on a lapel for adding that classic touch to their outfit.
  • As per beliefs, the word “carnation” comes from “Corona”, a Greek word for “crown”. This has stemmed from their use in decorating crowns in various ceremonies.
  • The scientific name of carnations is ‘Dianthus’ which is a blend of two Greek words that mean ‘divine flower’.
  • Chartreuse, the heady liquor from France, uses the petals of carnations as its ingredient.
  • Various iconic artists have featured this spicy-scented flower in their masterpieces. Painters like Alphonse Mucha and John Singer Sargent as well as Banksy and the Dutch Masters loved these blooms. It seems like carnations have countless noble associations!

Now, you know everything about carnations as well as their symbolism and significance in the world of nobles and royalty. So, the next time you plan to buy flowers for your January born friends and family, make sure to pick a bouquet of these wonderful blossoms to make their birthday all the more special. The uplifting smell and elegance are sure to add to their joy of celebration.

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