Perfect Mattress

How to Choose The Perfect Mattress For You?

There is foam, gel, memory foam, latex, spring, wool, feather, inflatable and even water. The list could continue with the various combinations of materials, but only with these can we get an idea of ​​the difficult decision we face when we are going to buy the mattress in which we will spend an average of 7 hours a day -according to CIS data- more than necessary to rest and stay healthy.

Sleeping on a good mattress that meets our needs increases the quality of life also maintain the better health. So, what factors should we take into account to choose the one that best suits our needs? We must be clear that the best criterion is not the economic one. On the contrary, we must think about certain characteristics of our body and our way of sleeping.

Weight and height

The taller we are and the more we weigh, the firmer the mattress must be to have a better support for the body and not to sag excessively, as would happen with one that is too soft. In the case of shorter and lighter people, more flexible mattresses that distribute the weight better and adapt to their shape are more recommended. Experts provides advice that is valid for all types of bodies: the mattress should be 15 centimetres taller than the person. In this way, you will be able to stretch comfortably and not sleep hunched over.

How much we move when sleeping

Some people sleep in the same position all night and get up with the sheets perfectly placed; while others are more than turning a thousand times in bed at night. This is another of the questions that we must keep in mind when we buy our new mattress. Thing you should consider while buying any mattress is comfort, softness, material and the cost.

There are materials that adapt to your body, explains experts. What is commercially called ‘memory’ works well for those who do not move at all during the night. However, this type of mattress sinks to imitate the shape of our body and this makes movement difficult for those who need it and, therefore, impairs their rest.

What is our posture when sleeping?

Despite several studies on sleep and the postures in which we sleep, it has not been possible to determine what these patterns depend on, says sleep experts. They add that although we try to change our position when we go to bed, when we fall asleep we usually return to the position that is most comfortable for us.

The worst position to sleep is face down

When we sleep on our side, the most common position, we must bear in mind that the mattress must be softer so that the shoulder can sink better. This is why, explains Domingo, that many brands make the upper third of the mattress softer. Those who sleep on their backs should choose a firmer mattress to keep the spine straight.

Lastly, there are those who sleep face down. Experts explain that this is the worst sleeping position because the head is turned to the side and can cause cervical problems and, in addition, the chest and belly are pressed, making breathing more difficult. For this type of people, the mattress is advisable to choose an adaptable mattress with medium firmness.

We must not forget that, before taking the mattress home how much a mattress costs, we must test it in the store taking into account all these factors to ensure the better health and long lasting life stay of your mattress.

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