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In the recent century we all are surrounded with advanced technology based gadgets and other electronic services. Starting from a mobile to computer, digital credit and debit cards and what’s not. We have become so habituated with this digital technology that if it gets stop just for 1 day you will feel that you severely lost something. Now may ask how this technological advancement is related to VLSI course, right? Keep on reading to find your answer.

Do you know what this VLSI stands for? It stands for Very Large Scale Integration which is considered as an integration circuit that is created through the process of integration of huge transistors within a single chip. From mobile phones to computer, defense aerospace, satellites, other electrical equipments etc – all of them used this technology. Since everything is going to be digitalized thus the demand of this VLSI course is growing rapidly. Especially in Bangalore where the city is known as IT hubs of India, are highly focusing on providing VLSI training to fresher.

What does the VLSI course offer?

The VLSI Bangalore and in other places are highly focusing to train candidates with this VLSI technology. Now you may ask what does this course includes. The VLSI course has focused completely on VLSI technologies that are well equipped with classroom teaching, hands-on practical application and experience and offers dynamic workplace for the students to develop their work experience and knowledge in the subject. Starting from the in house training the course includes industry driven projects where a student get the opportunity to get the industrial exposure that helps them in future career. The VLSI in Bangalore focus on FPGA design flows, ASIC etc. The VLSI course also trains the candidates or engineers where they are introduced and trained with design methodologies, VHDL, CMOS and system verilog. The entire course is designed in such a way that allows all the learners to understand the market demand and they design the chip as per the customer’s demand.

Objectives of VLSI course

  • To Provide an overview about the basic fundamentals of VLSI course that includes principles of VLSI, FPGA design and ASIC
  • To provide an in-depth concept on CMOS circuit construction
  • To analyze the basic building blocks for the large-scale digital integrated circuits
  • To provide help for the functional units like multipliers, adders, SRAMs and ROMs etc
  • To teach CAD to train candidates on how to design the integrated circuits etc


Scope of VLSI course in Bangalore

The demands of chip driven products are increasing rapidly. In the recent century we all are using VLSI technology based products. The chip driven products are in use where it starts from consumer electronics, medical electronics, aero-space, communication, computers and other related sectors. To address the high demand of this VLSI technology based chip design process, the VLSI Bangalore and in other places of India, the VLSI course has focused on exploring the future prospect.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a technical job then go for this golden opportunity. Do the VLSI course and get your dream job in the field.

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