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Why one should indulge in a food tour?

When one travels to a new city or a new country then the major thing that one must do is to explore the history and culture of that place. And nothing can talk more vividly about the local culture than the local foods that people eat and how they prepare them. Each dish follows a story and a tradition that leads back to the history and origin of the locals.

Hence food walks have become an integral part when one intends to explore a new place. One should always go for a food tour because they are the vehicles for any city’s culture. What locals eat and how do they eat? What are their culinary tastes? Answer to all these questions can lead one to the core culture of the locality.

Old Delhi food walks are also not an exception. Here, one gets a chance to explore the old part of the city which was once under the rule of Delhi sultanate. They always give a royal vibe to the explorers and the old charm of the city can be exactly captured there. One can check out the landmarks, local traditions there along with a hand on experience on the local food testing and get the smell of the history and culture that has led to this. Along with that one can also get a glimpse of the architecture and famous landmarks located on those popular food areas.

The price range of any popular food tour depends on the duration of the tour and the amount of food tasted there. In fact, the cost of the food also becomes very vital here. When one is thus booking a food walk then they must check the localities that the walk is covering and do a proper research on them. These days, most of the information is available on the internet and hence one can get a clear idea about the locality and the food cost there and then check whether the food cost tour justifies it or not.

It is also a good idea to book a food tour on the very first day of the vacation and one can get some great advises from the food guide on what to eat and what else to try for the rest of the days that one is staying in a city. Some people might think, that is there any point in booking a food tour at all? Well, the very first thing that one thinks about when they think of exploring a city is what about their food and what do they eat. So, learning about the local foods and tasting them is always a good and enriching idea. And a good food tour can always guide one to the right locality to treat the taste buds.

A food walk in old Delhi will definitely take one to walk down the old parts of the city and explore the local food joints which have been serving there for years now. This is indeed a lifetime experience.

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