discount broker

The discount broker came into light after the arrival of internet. They purchase and trade via internet platform. They arrange for a trading platform to the investors but do not provide any counselling. They charge a minimum fee for trading. Over the past few years discount stockbrokers launch themselves inContinue Reading

A trip to remember

Colombo, the commercial capital city of Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Known to be one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, Colombo is certainly a city with difference. Not only are there a host of attractions over here but itContinue Reading

charming temples of Ranikhet

Ranikhet is a hill station that boasts of a number of temples. Most of these temples are dedicated to goddesses. The presence of this huge number of temples in Ranikhet can probably be explained by the fact that since this place was previously surrounded by thick jungles infested with manyContinue Reading

dishes from china

There is a long history of unique cooking and cuisine styles when it comes to China. All the Chinese traditional dishes are a perfect mixture of aroma, colour, taste and appearance. One can always go for Chinese food delivery  but before that they should have a clear idea on whatContinue Reading

Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund is a financial vehicle which consists of sum of money obtained from various types of investors who like to invest in securities comprising of money market instruments, stocks, bonds and other assets. Prospectus of mutual funds contains investment objectives to which portfolio of mutual funds are matched. Professional moneyContinue Reading

Index Fund For Investing

Index funds are also a part of mutual funds whose portfolio is constructed by using the market index as a base. We can even say that the performance of an Index fund is depends on the performance of a particular index. Index fund schemes are managed passively. Index funds mainlyContinue Reading