Points Everybody Must Know about Tejas Express

You might have read about your favourite celebrities, your preferred dishes, the destinations you love and the brands you wear; but what about the Indian trains you do traveling in? how well do you stay informed about the trains you travel in?  Don’t you think you should know about the trains you travel by? Well, in this post you might get to know much about Tejas express train and you are surely going to love this.

Take a Quick dive into Tejas Express

Talking of train Tejas Express, this train of Indian Railways is one of the finest train that has idea of future train travel in India. All the coaches that are included in this train are manufactured at Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory and advanced with all the advanced aircraft like facility. The train is absolutely a heavenly experience in itself. Tejas Express is the foremost semi high speed full AC train of India that was introduced by Indian Railways. This Tejas Express was flagged off on the day of twenty forth May in the year 2017 from Mumbai CST to Karmali Goa.

If you ponder about the distance it covers five hundred fifty-one point seven kms in eight hours and in thirty minutes. The fares of Tejas Express are twenty to thirty percent more than that of Shatabdi fares. Many of you might be having curiosity to know the meaning of this name ‘Tejas’ right? Well, Tejas just means Sharp and smartness in Indian Languages.so, next time when you go in this train; you must relate the speed with the name of this train. You know you have to book tickets for this train in time if you want them. actually, it is always good to book your tickets in time because the trains are often packed. And you can do the booking both from the railway station or through online platform.

Routes of Tejas Train

  • The first one is Mumbai CST Karmali Tejas Express.
  • Then is the Lucknow Junction – Anand Vihar Terminal Tejas Express.
  • There is also New Delhi Chandigarh Tejas Express

It also will grab your interest that Tejas Express relishes the highest priority on the Indian railway network. And it is needless to mention that Tejas Express is one of the speediest trains in the nation. This Tejas Express run at a general speed of one hundred thirty km/h (81 mph) and might even touch one hundred eighty km/h.

Extensive Luxury in this train

In case you are too keen to know about the luxury of this train, it has also been catered in this train. Tejas Express is packed with all the luxurious aircraft like facilities and feature. You can comfortably have a great experience while you travel in this train. Every seat of Tejas Express owns an attendant call button facility. Isn’t it really wonderful and exciting? The Executive Chair seats of Tejas Express even possess 9-inch LCD screens that do have USB charger. Similarly, Tejas Express also possess modern facilities on-board like that of LED TV, tea/coffee vending machine and that of CCTV cameras.  You can also enjoy good quality and hygienic Food on Train if you travel by this train. The point is luxury is one thing that is for sure in this train. You can comfortably reach your destination


So, since you know about this train now, make sure that you travel by it for once. You are surely going to fall in love with Indian Railways repeatedly once you travel by this train. The train caters comfort and ease to everyone. passengers are always of great views for this train.

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