Chinese cuisine in Dubai

Savour The Best Chinese Cuisine in Dubai

Did you know that the art of Chinese cooking was extensively learned and used during Confucius’s era in the late Zhou dynasty? Today, the culinary art of China has flourished in the Western world. The unique taste and aroma of this cuisine are what makes it so accessible among the ex-pats in Dubai. So, if you want to taste some delectable Chinese food cooked in an authentic way using traditional sauces and ingredients, then here is a list of some places which offer the best Chinese cuisine in Dubai. The locations listed below are selected for the delicious food, excellent service, beautiful ambience or décor, and other factors and fit into all kinds of budgets; so for what are you waiting for? Pick up your chopsticks and enjoy!!

Zheng He’s

If you are looking for an elegant dining experience, this place is a must-visit. Be it their excellent food or exotic interiors; this high-end Chinese restaurant whips up some top-class dishes cooked in authentic Chinese sauces. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful waterside at the Mina A’ Salam. Very popular for its luscious duck and succulent beef tenderloin, the backdrop, décor, service, and the food will surely delight you.

Blue Jade

Giving utmost importance to quality, Blue Jade is known for its culinary experience. Using only the finest ingredients, they serve innovative dishes that assure you to stimulate your palate and senses. If you want to feel welcomed with genuine Asian hospitality, taste the magnificent creations especially made by their talented chefs, then Blue Jade should be your choice. You can notice the delicate balance between sweet and savoury flavours and a fantastic amalgamation of aromas to the dishes. Be it their Szechuan aubergines served with shitake mushrooms, delectable rice pudding with coconut milk and a topping of fresh mangoes, this place promises to serve you a slice of China in the taste as well as your experience.

The Peacock

Touted as one of the most commended places offering Chinese cuisine in Dubai, The Peacock is made on the mezzanine floor of the spectacular Sheraton Jumeirah. It serves an outstanding selection of Chinese and Szechuan dishes which are sure to delight your taste buds. Chef Xiao Jun prepares cherished classics like Peking duck, homemade dim sum, crispy sweet chilli beef, and the famous Gong Bao Chicken. The zen-style decor enhances the stylish and refined ambience.


Situated in the Fairmont at the Palm Jumeirah, Ba means “8” in the Chinese language and represents wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. This restaurant offers a romantic ambience with great views of Dubai from its serene terrace area. Offering some delicious specialities on the menu like Scallop dim sum, lobster, and prawn wonton soup, Ba whips up delectable dishes along with a great bar area and fantastic music from a resident DJ.


This restaurant in Ramada in Bur Dubai offers one of the best Chinese cuisine in Dubai. Dynasty is a classic and straightforward Chinese affair with its brilliant dishes and tastefully-done decor. With a speciality in Szechuan and Cantonese food, this restaurant is known for its delicious main menu dishes like chicken Manchurian and Szechuan beef. However, their starters, side dishes, and desserts are just as great.


This award-winning restaurant is a true personification of luxury. It displays a creative selection of Chinese cuisine in Dubai; so whether you choose to dine at the deluxe seating area or catch up with your friends at the bar, this place is a true haven for all the social beings. You could try out their top-class dishes like the Szechuan green beans sauteed with minced chicken, or the mouth-watering corn custard dessert that tingles your sense with its Crumbly Coconut Sorbet.

Bamboo Lagoon

This place offers not only one of the best Chinese cuisine in Dubai but also great Thai and Indonesian food that induce feelings of pure ecstasy, serving a delicious amalgamation of exceptional and vibrant flavours. Located at the Marriot, this restaurant has various buffet food stations with expert chefs who cook your food at every station. The relaxing ambience wouldn’t disappoint you with its live entertainment

 and music. The special treat is its bouncy castle, designed to take care of your children and also allow parents to enjoy and take a well-deserved break. It would help if you tried their popular classics such as seafood medleys and fried dumplings.

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