Smart Water Systems: Fascinating Evolution of Technology for Your Home

Thanks to the unbelievably evolution of technology, we’ve connected products for almost every corner of our smart homes. Aspects of security, cleaning, entertainment, lighting, cooking and others are totally voice-enabled. So why should you not indulge yourself in smart plumbing?

Yes, smart plumbing has already arrived, confirms a qualified plumber in London. There is a wide assortment of products to smarten water supply in your home from every possible angle. Let us allow a group of experienced plumbers in London to walk us through the aspect of smart plumbing in the following paragraphs of this blog post.

Smart plumbing-enabled kitchens

Smart flow of water in kitchens usually revolves around the kitchen sink. Kohler and Delta are the two brands that offer you smart faucets. Their faucets are linked to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to work under your voice commands. You can verbally order the faucet to turn on or off. Moreover, you can also ask it dispense a specific quantity of water. Both the models require never-ending power supply. You are expected to place the handle “On” before turning off the water with motion sensing to activate voice commands.

You also have other smart options for your kitchen. For example, Phyn’s latest Smart Water Assistant, which links to both the hot and cold water lines under your sink. You can be assured this installation requires no professional expertise. The system smartly monitors the water pressure and calculates water consumption in your home. This information then pops up on your mobile. It also warns you beforehand when your water pipes are about to freeze.

Smart plumbing-enabled bathrooms

The concept of smart bathrooms starts with smart shower systems. You can have an entirely smart shower system or just a smart shower head. The U by Moen Smart Shower system allows creating different profiles for every member in your household with different temperature settings. The system warms the water up and then holds the water flow until you’ve stepped into the shower. This way the system reduces your water usage. But the premium hardware along with professional intervention to install the system makes it a little costly.

An emergency plumber in London assures that more pocket-friendly smart shower systems do exist in the market. For example, the Livin shower head from Kickstarters. Basically it is a gadget that smartly monitors water consumption in your shower. There’s a button to hold back water flow. On the other hand, WaterHawk and DreamSpa systems come with integrated LEDs that automatically change colour on detecting temperature difference. The Hydrao Smart Shower System pops up different colours to tell you about your water consumption. The products discussed here are easily affordable and are also easy to install.

Smart toilets

If smart kitchens and showers can exist the why not smart toilets? Recently Kohler lunched a mega toilet that automatically heats up the seat, heats up the floor below, plays music, keeps you engaged with a light show, raises and lowers the toilet lid and flushes. It maintains as many as 6 customised preset settings for different users.

There are other versions of smart toilet at affordable price that are primarily focused to preserve water.

Smart leak detectors

Across the entire range of smart water-usage products, leak detectors are most easily affordable. They are also easily portable. The gadget proves effective to detect leaks across typical areas of a home including basements, underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks, behind the toilets. Smart leak detectors run on batteries and remain connected to a mobile app using a Wi-Fi connection or a smart home hub.

Lots of brands are involved in manufacturing smart leak detectors, including iHome, Roost, SmartThings and Fibaro.

However, this range of products does not inform you about what is happening inside the pipes. You need a whole-home system to provide you with that precise information.

Whole-home systems to monitor water

Smart systems capable to monitor the water supply of an entire home are also available in the market. Few versions of this system can even terminate water supply to your home to help you gain control over a catastrophic situation. This range of systems is installed at the point of main water supply to your home or at the water metre, whichever proves more convenient. They require a Wi-Fi connection and an app to function smoothly. These systems are indeed efficient in monitoring every kind of stats related to the consumption, pressure, temperature and flow rate of water in your home on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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