Investment advisory is a trending industry. It has seen a lot of growth since the past decade. Investment has seen a lot of growth in terms of technology and the no. of users using the trading apps has increased. There are many trading applications that are available in the market.

There are many brokers in the investment industry. Some offer low brokerage while some offer high. Low brokerage high exposure brokers in India is available in every state of the country. There are many other brokers that charge high brokerage on every trade placed by the investor. They are not becoming successful because in today’s investment industry people invest with the broker that offers exposure to minimum brokerage. Brokerage is the main add on coast that makes the investors investment expensive. But there are some brokers present in the country that offers zero brokerage for the trades placed. Though most broker charge fees for intraday trade. Wisdom capital is one of the brokerage firms that offer zero brokerage even for intraday trade. There are other benefits of charging low brokerage exposure to the customer:

  • Reduces the cost of customer’s investment especially with those companies that offer zero brokerage.
  • Provides consumer with a variety of securities options that they can use and buy anytime within the market.
  • Low exposure to the brokerage increases the budget of investing for the investor.

Low brokerage also provides advantages to the brokerage firm. Some of them are:

  • Helps in increasing the customer base as a layman will get attracted to the firm that offers minimum brokerage and other charges.
  • The broker can earn in other types of investments like options and futures. If any professional gets an account open in a particular firm that professional will always trade in options and futures which help the firm to earn a lot.
  • Customer satisfaction can be achieved easily as people have different investment objectives and they can put the money through one brokerage house that offers low brokerage. Also if the trading platform technical support system is good then investor will feel satisfactory.

There are lots of people that find it difficult to select a particular trading app. This can be made easy if investors choose wisely. From the technical aspect not many people know about the technicalities behind the trading platform. Trading platform is a part of Artificial Intelligence. This concept is not told to investors due to the technicalities that are involved. Algorithmic trading is also a part of Artificial Intelligence. This is very instructive to the makers of the platform. They need to keep a regular check on the trading platforms and the software mechanism (Artificial intelligence) used in it. The online apps are also prone to hacking an security issue and the makers of the trading platform need to make sure that these software are taken care of. All the bugs need to be fixed regularly. They need to take a view from time to time on the functioning of the platform and the reviews of customers and the problem they are facing.

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