Makes Your Home Always Clean

The Trick That Makes Your Home Always Clean

How you spend your weekend can create anxiety. You want so much, but how do you make the best use of your time? If you do too much, it will feel like you have wasted your free time, and if you do too little, the week that follows will feel like total chaos. Read through these tips, which are from people who have always been spotlessly clean and tidy at home. The weekend is important in their lives.

  1. Dust for 10 minutes

Dusting the whole home can feel big and hard, but you will be amazed at how much you actually have time for in a very short time. The trick to making it easier is to tell yourself that you only need to do it for ten minutes, then just continue if you feel like it.

  1. Banished clothes piles

We all have a so-called throwing pile, maybe yours is at the office or an extra chair in the corner, and the pile fills up quickly. If you want to make it look tidy at home, it is crucial that clothes end up in their right place from the beginning. Always hang clothes that you do not use in the closet immediately. If it is dirty, put it in the laundry basket immediately. Otherwise you have to fix it during the weekend. It will make your upcoming week so much easier when it comes to choosing clothes, and they are always fresh.

  1. Empty the refrigerator

If you have not eaten food that is getting old yet, you probably will not do it now either. So instead of letting things start to rot and mold, use Sunday afternoon to throw away bad food, if you do not want to cook it then of course and make lunch box for the week.

  1. Keep following

Life is stressful, so try to find a method that works for you on the weekend. The basis is to hold on for the whole week so that things do not pile up and become overwhelming and “flood over”. This is something you can think about when picking and holding.

  1. The 15-minute rule

If you apply the 15-minute rule the other days of the week, clean for 15 minutes every day, then on the weekend you can devote yourself to some larger and more tedious project such as cleaning the pantry or cleaning the cupboard under the sink, linen cupboard or cleaning crib. Those who know how to keep things tidy at home also know not to try to do too much at once. If you feel stressed by your “to do” list, nothing will be good, and the risk is that nothing will be done instead. Pick out a thing during the weekend. There will be more days.

  1. Collection baskets

These people use baskets in the accommodation where you put things that you do not know where to dispose of, during all days of the week. Then when the weekend comes, they go through the baskets and find a place for things. This fulfills two functions, it reduces clutter immediately and also makes everyone in the household know where to look if they do not find their things.

  1. Choose the “worst” room

Focus on the room that is worst affected by clutter or dirt use a good quality vacuum cleaner and spend time in cleaning them. Put all the gunpowder there this day. The result is immediately visible and Monday will feel easier.

  1. Take advantage of the time

Do not underestimate the importance of doing something for yourself even on Sunday. Combining cleaning with free time is the very best. For example, you can put a hair wrap while folding the laundry, or listen to your favorite podcast while vacuuming or ironing. It will also make you feel like the cleaning is going faster, and that you have not “wasted” your weekend on boring things.

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