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Tinder Bio Profile For Guys | Best Tinder Bio Examples

Are you satisfied with how Tinder works for you? If you are not, read this article to learn how to improve the situation.

Probably, you can’t get a match because your dating profile misses some important information. The resent studies state that 98% of females less likely to “swipe right” if the bio is empty.

If you want to go on dates more often, you should describe yourself in a creative way. Take a look at the following Tinder bio examples to understand how to do it right.

Better than your ex

Women are more selective than men, and they swipe left more often. So you should try your best to make your profile stand out.

You should add a catchy phrase, which will draw the girl’s attention to your profile and make her believe that you are a good guy. If you write that you are “more fun, caring or sexier than her ex”, your bio will win her smile.

tinder profile

Screenshot source: https://go.tinder.com/q0D0Rlx9xjw-Gabe

Serious intentions

Do you want to find your soulmate using Tinder? If yes, that you shouldn’t hide your serious intentions.

You may write a funny phrase like this one: “Not looking for anything serious, just a wide and a couple of kids”. It will help you to grab the attention of the women, who are ready to start a family life.

If you dream about having a big house and a dog, feel free to share your dreams with your potential match. It will increase your chances to find a girl, who has life goals similar to yours.

tinder profile

Screenshot source:https://go.tinder.com/kQIzZFx9wMY-Andrew


Most women say that the sense of humor is that very trait they want in men. So if you have a good sense of humor, don’t hesitate to show it.

Obviously, you shouldn’t write anecdotes and jokes in your bio. But you may try to describe yourself in a funny way.

Take a look at the following bio example. It contains only one sentence: “I make books and videos for work, and give beers to cats for fun”, which sounds like a perfect caption for the profile picture. This bio is hilarious and catchy, isn’t it?

tinder profileScreenshot source:https://go.tinder.com/lhs6wFx9wCw-Joseph

Ironic dog lover

An ironic statement is a great attention getter. If you follow the next bio example and name yourself a “corporate slave Mon-Fri and adventure seeker on the weekend”, your profile will not leave girls indifferent. This phrase sounds much better than ordinary statements like “I am a hardworking accountant, who loves to have fun”.

And if you add a photo with a dog and hashtag #mustlovedogs, female dog lovers will have no other options but to swipe you right. This little trick will help you to find a perfect match, or at least avoid dating cat lovers.

tinder profileScreenshot source: https://go.tinder.com/xevDAlx9wG8-Daniel

Pros and cons

Another great idea to fill in your bio is to list your pros and cons. Writing down your advantages, you may mention your hobbies, sexual skills, and good character traits.

Here is a little trick for you. If you add an intriguing phrase like “better looking in person”, more women will go on a date with you. Females are curious by nature, so they will want to see how you actually look like.

What about listing your cons, you shouldn’t mention your negative personality traits. In this section, you may write one or two fun embarrassing facts related to your childhood or real-life experience.

tinder profile

Screenshot source: https://go.tinder.com/oTxFI1x9v7Q-Matt

Mr Paradox

In fact, you don’t need to write about yourself in details. One or two catchy phrases are enough to grab attention and drive curiosity. Your major tasks are to show that you are one in a million and to state your intentions clearly.

If you describe your personality as “non-monogamous romantic”, women will understand that you look for a one night stand. You can be sure that girls, who appreciate honesty and love romance, will swipe right.

tinder profileScreenshot source:https://go.tinder.com/6VZMU1x9k_c-Khamil

Family-oriented traveller

Today, you will not impress a woman with the phrase “I like traveling”. Almost everyone likes to travel, so it will not help you to stand out. But if you write that you have visited more than eighty countries, then yes, it will draw attention to your personality.

Moreover, if you follow the next example and mention that you are “nephew-and-niece-enthusiast” (or simply a family-oriented male), women will want to know you better. Most females look for men who love kids, and you seem to be a perfect candidate.

Family oriented traveller 576x1024 - 10 Best Tinder Bio Examples for Guys (To Make Her Swipe Right)
Screenshot source:https://go.tinder.com/e2VTHlx9vi0-Nathaniel


Today, you wIf you are not going to start any serious relationships, don’t mislead female Tinder’s users. If you are interested in sex only, just admit that you are “looking for a one night stand” and add a few interesting facts about yourself.

For instance, if you mention that “rain and snow make you happy”, you will make your bio more memorable. It will help women to distinguish your profile from thousands other available on Tinder.

Single minded 362x1024 - 10 Best Tinder Bio Examples for Guys (To Make Her Swipe Right)Screenshot source:https://go.tinder.com/I5DPhFx9vy4-Anthony


If you are a very romantic man, don’t hide this side of you. If you like to hold hands, and if you can’t imagine relationships without hugs and kisses, just state that in your bio. Women like stuff like that, so they will swipe you right.

Romantic 576x1024 - 10 Best Tinder Bio Examples for Guys (To Make Her Swipe Right)Screenshot source:https://go.tinder.com/nYlvRFx9NjM-Michael

Sociable and laconic

The best part of the following bio example is the question “what’s yours like?” It shows that the profile’s owner is open to communication. This question sounds like a call to action, which invites girls to swipe right and to write a text message.

However, this bio will look more impressive, if it contains a little bit more information. If it’s challenging for you to describe yourself in a few sentences, you should utilize writing services like Trust My Paper. It will increase your chances to craft an excellent bio and go on the date of your dreams.

tinder profileScreenshot source:https://go.tinder.com/NZr-d1x9NrU-Dan

Final thoughts

If you really like to use Tinder and want to go to the dates more often, you should rewrite your bio. Try to make it catchy and engaging.

But please, do not copy someone else’s bio! You are a unique person, and you have your own dreams, goals, and desires. Be yourself, utilize your creativity, and you will write a bio, which will make women swipe right.

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