What Are The Key Requirements Of Parent Visa Subclass 103

The following study is based on the Parent visa Subclass 103. The visa allows the parent of a settled citizen of Australia to move to the country Australia. Along with that, the parent visa 103 also allows the eligible citizen of the country New Zealand to move to Australia. This visa allows a permanent stay, and the initial cost is around AUD6415. With the parent visa 103, the individual is allowed to move or stay in the country Australia as a permanent citizen along with that the visa subclass 103 also sponsor the eligible members of the family to come to the country Australia. So these are the primary factors and point of this visa. The discussion on the regard of the Aged parent visa 103 has also been highlighted in this following study.

Parent Visa Subclass 103

In this particular visa, a key factor or in other work an essential requirement is present which highlight the factor,

  1. That the waiting time or the period can be a lengthy one, such as up to 30 years before the visa 103 is getting the approval.
  2. The second requirement is that, if an individual is in the country Australia and their current temporary visa is getting or about to expire then the individual is not eligible at all to bridge a permit to stay in the country Australia. That is why it is a must required factor that the individual needs to be an outsider to seek for an application.

Parent visa eligibility

To meet the requirement and get the parent visa subclass 103, there are some of the specific criteria which need to be met and fulfilled.

In the case of the applicant,

  1. They need to have a child who is a citizen of the country of Australia.
  2. They need their generation who is a permanent resident of the country Australia
  3. They need to have their children who are an eligible citizen of the country, New Zealand.
  4. The Sponsors

In the case of the sponsor, if the child of the applicant is not eligible to sponsor, then there are several persons present to lead the sponsorship. The following person is,

  1. The partner of their child.
  2. Family or guardian member of their child.
  3. Family or the guardian member of the partner of their child.
  4. An organizational community.
  5. Character and Health requirement

It is one of the mandatory factors to do a health checkup. The checkup is a factor which is required to do for all the applicants along with their accompanying member of their family. Also, the indulgent of the partners and another dependent member of the family are required to fulfil the requirement, which is the health checkup.

  1. Outstanding debt to the government of Australia

There is one more interesting factor is present that if there is any obligations are due to the government of Australia than it is required to repay before, to grant the parent visa subclass 103. If somehow the party is facing some of the difficulties in finance, then they need to arrange a scheme of repayment.

  1. Limitation of Visa Application

There are also some of the significant deficiencies are present if the individual is in the country of Australia. There are some of the prohibition which is present while going through the process of applying. The following regarding the limitation is as follows,

  1. If there were some of the conditions are present in the previous visa of the individual, then they would not be granted substantive permission while they are in Australia.
  2. The limitation may be applied when the individual does not currently hold a substantive visa and have a visa cancellation or refusal since their last arrival in the country Australia.
  3. Limitation can be imposed if the individual is currently holding a sponsored visitor visa.
  4. Limitation can also be faced if the individual is in the immigration detention.

Aged parent visa (subclass 103)

The Aged Parent Visa Subclass 103 allows the older parents of the citizen of the country Australia to settle. Along with that the permission also gives access to the eligible or the permanent resident of the citizen of the country New Zealand who is living in the country Australia for more than two years, to settle down in the country. There are also some of the agencies such as migration agent Perth and immigrantion agent Perth are present in the large cities of the country Australia to provide more support to the applicants.


In the following study, there are some of the main factors which have been highlighted and pointed out to showcase the whole phenomenon regarding the Parent Visa Subclass 103. Some of the critical requirement of the parent visa subclass 103 has been highlighted and also has been elaborated in a concise manner. Along with that, the study also fulfils the need for eligibility of the applicant and also provide with valid criteria. There are some of the information regarding the Aged Parent Visa Subclass 103 has also been highlighted and discussed in this following assignment.

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