What Makes Kashmir Great Lakes Trek With Solo Riding Memorable?

Kashmir Great Lakes trek is one of the most gorgeous treks in India, offering pleasant nature and best experience for the trekkers from different parts of the world. It meets the statement for Kashmir being called Heaven on the earth. Trekkers of Kashmir lakes are down poured by the scenic beauty and panoramic views every day on their trek. Rugged mountains, wildlife, Rolling Meadows along with alpine lakes, it all makes an imaginary peaceful life taking cutoff with the busiest lifestyle. 

All about Kashmir Great Lakes trek

Kashmir Great Lakes trek is located in the Himalayas at an altitude of 13,800 feet offering moderate to difficult trekking. It is highly important to take care that the trekkers’ age should not be below 12 years. There is a wide range of Kashmir Great Lakes trekking packages offered by various trekking agencies at best prices, but choosing the best one will end up with good memories to note down and enjoy the trip. The approximate distance of Kashmir Great Lakes trek is 72 km. The turquoise-coloured lakes are beautifully nestled between the high-altitude mountain peaks making it more attractive and experience the best memories of this valuable trek.

Why it is necessary to consider Kashmir Great lakes trek as the memorable one?

Leaving the scenic beauty and attractive views of high peak mountains, there are quite other reasons that make Kashmir Great Lakes trek one of the most memorable ones. Let’s have a look at these reasons that makes it so pretty and popular.

  1. Kashmiri Culture

On the Kashmiri great lakes trek, visitors can find the best local guides, who say a plethora of stories where it reflects the Kashmiri culture. They also come up with different tales that inform how Buddhists ruled Kashmir and which was followed by others like Mughals, and Hindus. The talks throughout the trek will be quite interesting to know about the culture, local festivals and much more.

  1. Walkthrough adorable pine tree forest

Trek of Kashmiri great lakes allow walking through the gorgeous fragranced pine tree forest. And this walkthrough will move a trekker into a divine mood where they are lost completely in their dreams.

  1. Difficult trek

Yes, it is quite difficult to trek in Kashmiri great lakes in comparison to others due to the huge number of climbs that need to be passed every day of the trek. So, it is highly necessary to be mentally stable and calm with good strength to finish the Kashmiri great lakes trek and enjoy the moments.

  1. Uncountable lakes

Trekkers can experience a huge number of small lakes throughout the trek that offers an immense beautiful view surrounded by the snow-capped mountains. They are said to be surely a delight to the eyes of every trekker passing through.

If wishing to wander yourself in the Kashmir great lakes, then why to pause and think? Search the best Kashmir Great Lakes trekking packages and choose the best one.

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