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Why choose an Air Conditioner for your Room?

A room air conditioner keeps you cool during hot seasons thanks to a simple principle of operation: it captures the heat contained in the ambient air and releases it outside. In addition, your room air conditioner is able to purify the air in the room. Thanks to its filters, it diffuses an air free of allergens, dust and other pollutants that can affect your sleep or that of your children.

The advantages of such a device are therefore multiple. And if it is reversible, it will also keep you warm in winter, by injecting heat from the outside air into your bedroom (even if it is extremely cold outside). However, Air conditioning is a bit like the snake biting its tail. As the earth warms up and it could get hotter, we are eyeing more and more devices that generate fresh air, use energy and participate in this global warming. But most of the people living in dry countries experience high temperatures in summer, Australia for example.

If you nevertheless choose to opt for an air conditioning system, several solutions exist. In any case, you should expect a 15 to 25% increase in your electricity consumption. So you will have to choose the AC which would be based on the latest and more economical technology. Maintenance is essential for air conditioning systems. It must be done regularly to avoid the risk of infection and to avoid overconsumption.

Where to place an Air conditioner in bedroom and how to use it?

As for the location, it is best to install the air conditioner as far as possible from the bed and, if possible, close to a source of ventilation (window, door). In the case of wall installation, it should therefore ideally be placed above the bedroom entrance door.

Some tips for using to sleep cool in peace:

  • Choose a suitable temperature for falling asleep, between 18 ° C and 21 ° C.
  • Be sure to regulate the air flows: they must remain light to avoid any aggression of fear. Too fast air circulation can also cause drafts and therefore colds!

You can avoid Monoblock AC for its high noise level. If they are practical and inexpensive, they can disturb sleep with too high a noise level.

The majority of air conditioners on the market offer a noise level between 30 and 70 decibels. Depending on your sensitivity to noise – essential when talking about sleep – this criterion should not be overlooked!

The best choice: opt for a split-type air conditioner, the compressor of which is located outside, they are considered as the best AC in India. This type of device offers a sound level of 40 decibels, equivalent to that emitted by the noise of the wind for a night of deep and restful sleep. The mono-split system is the simplest split air conditioner. It is designed to cool a room or a small open area. The multi-split system is made up of several diffusers connected together. It allows air conditioning of several rooms independently, each unit being managed individually.

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