All about natural gemstone

Gemstones are the best gifts that we have received from nature. These stones are exotic minerals having crystal appearance and natural colors. They have been in use since, one can say, ancient times. Used primarily in jewelry by people of the modern times, these stones were used for their mystic and healing powers in the previous ages or times by nobles, kings, mystics and other ruling classes.

Natural Gemstones fall into two category: Precious stones and semi-precious stones. Cost of these stones depends on the quality of minerals and availability. Semiprecious stones generally include stones made from the minerals like agate, aquamarine, amethyst, amber, chalcedony, aventurine, citrine, hematite, garnet, jasper, jet, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, jade, obsidian, peridot, sunstone, tiger’s eye, onyx, tanzanite, topaz, turquoise, tourmaline and many other materials.

The most popular precious stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Sometimes stones such as opal, jade or pearls are also classified as precious but they haven’t been accepted as widely as the previous four.Semi-precious stone are all varieties of gemstones (other than the precious ones) and are also known as color stones. These gemstones are mostly used in personal beautification and adornment.

The gemstones have since ancient times been used or worn for astrological and jewelry intentions. You may choose a gemstone more or less on its aesthetic value and strength. But in case of astrology, healing therapies and other alternative medication, the parameter for choosing a stone needs natal calculations, study, in-depth analysis of the individual’s nature, inclinations, emotions, horoscope (Kundli). Before you decide to wear a stone, always consult a professional gemologist or astrologist as these gemstones exert influence on your mind, body and senses. In turn, it affects you on your career, finance, profession and personal life.

The following list contains the gemstones known for elegant appearance, rarity, and strength. Always keep in mind that beauty of a gem hinges mainly on its visual elegance or property stemming from glint and color. However, its robustness, quality and durability come from its stiffness and resistance to cracks.

Yellow Sapphire: This stone is also known as Pukhraj, Peela Pukhraj best for increasing your spiritual strength, communication, and desired abundance. It is said to heal insomnia and Thyroid related issues.

Blue Sapphire: It is known as Neelam best for intuition, decision making and spiritual enlightenment. It said to heal headache and sinus.

Coral: It is known as Moonga best for emotional and physical strengths. It is said to give the wearer stability in their personal and professional life. It is said to heal piles and bone related issues.

Ruby: It is known as Manik best for those seeking power, wealth, and health.

Pearl: It is known as Moti associated with the mind. It calms downthe mind, gives courage and brings harmony in relationships.

Emerald: Emerald Gemstone is known as Panna best for those seeking to fulfill desires, compassionate nature for others and strengthen their spiritual side. It is said to heal your Sheart and lungs.

Cat’s Eye: It is known as Lahsuniya best for those seeking to develop creative & abstract thinking, self-discipline,have protection against negative forces and need eventually enlightenment. It is said to provide relief in bone related diseases.

Hessonite: It is known as Gomed best for fortune, power and divine blessings. It is said to heal brain related disorders.

Diamond: It is known as Heera and is the king of all gemstones, being one of the most precious, powerful, materially hardest gemstones in the world. Those seeking wealth, creativity, successful relationships, affluence, desired occupations and anything desirable of the highest standard should wear a diamond. It is said to heal diabetes and blood pressure.

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