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Top Facts To Know About 6 Gaming Accessories For Pubg Mobile

Among the most famous smartphone games, PUBG mobile is one of them. Since its launch in 2017 PUBZ is very famous among the users. Within its first year only it has reached the customer base of 1.3 million. This customer base is nearly equal to a country in Europe known as Estonia. The parent company of PUBG has not spent any money on its marketing.

Due to its uniqueness only, it has gained such a vast customer base. It has achieved such a level, where it becomes one of the most competitive games on the mobile platform. With the introduction of the game Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile in the year 2018, it increased the company’s revenue by almost 365%. In the case of Royale Pass a progression,the system allows the players to rank themselves up and unlock the rewards. The full form of the PUBG is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. To play this game better, there are many available accessories. Some of the 6 gaming accessories for PubG mobile has been discussed in this article.

Some of the facts to know about gaming accessories for PUBG mobile

Cheating in the PUBZ game can lead to the banning period for 100 years. This gamin application has got amazing digital trends. Some of the gaming accessories are discussed below:

  • Bluetooth Joystick: By using a joystick, a character can be moved or one can fire a gun. One cannot get the same experience by using the touchscreen. This Bluetooth Joystick can bring that experience to mobile devices also. The user should choose such joystick, which can be used in any mobile device.
  • Mobile phone triggers: If one person is not willing to invest in a game controller, then they can go for a mobile phone trigger. This accessory has been designed with PUBG Mobile in mind.
  • Mobile gaming handle with the triggering combo: A mobile grip or handle will serve as a step up from the current gaming setup. It will provide extra grip and will transform the smartphone into a gaming controller and that too with a screen. Here this will also ensure that the player’s hands are not covering the microphone.
  • Touchscreen game Joystick: Many new touch screen joysticks that are available for smartphones in the market. This accessory, which will get attached to the smartphone mainly acts like as physical joystick. 
  • Bluetooth gaming keyboard: This is an essential part of any PUBZ player to get a Bluetooth gaming keyboard.

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Some of the Tech newsabout PUBZ includes the PUBGhas a record of having most simultaneous players at a time. Virtual Bandanais the most popular item in PUBG. According to some other gadget news,the number of PUBG Mobile players is more as compared to that of PUBG PC. Also, if a person wins a game without killing any of the enemies, that player will be given a tag name known as “Pacifist”. One can have PUBZ mobile live on various social media platforms.

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