Tips and Ideas to Decorate Home on Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights that has associated much emotion: love, joy, togetherness, prosperity, celebration, and togetherness. As Diwali is approaching, the excitement related to the festival also increases. A five-day celebration is celebrated with sweets, fireworks, gifts, new clothes and a lot of fun. Diwali is the occasionContinue Reading


The concept of electronic city came by R K Baliga, the managing director and chairman of Keonics. Bangalore is considered as the electronic capital of India. It is named so because of the existence of software industries, aerospace, heavy industries and telecommunications in the city. The city has also beenContinue Reading

dishes from china

There is a long history of unique cooking and cuisine styles when it comes to China. All the Chinese traditional dishes are a perfect mixture of aroma, colour, taste and appearance. One can always go for Chinese food delivery  but before that they should have a clear idea on whatContinue Reading