Enjoy Your Favorite Videos with Video Downloading Apps

On the Android platform you might stumble upon various apps for downloading videos. Some of them might be free of charge whereas for others you have to shell out a decent sum of money. Let us go through them as follows:


This is a worthy YouTube downloader that allows the users to download videos for free. It possesses a user friendly interface that is organized by sites, categories along with popular videos. From the search bar you can go on to undertake a direct search on YouTube. This app also acts as an Android YouTube downloader where before downloading you can check out the quality of the video. Any video that is downloaded would be saved on to your device storage as the downloaded videos can be further separated into categories. In order to download the videos

  • The app has to be open as from the home page you need to select YouTube
  • In the search bar you need to locate the video.
  • Once you select the video there is a red button that you can tap on to download
  • Once you choose the quality of the video the process of downloading starts

This app can be downloaded from its official site. Opt for the premium version as it does not contain ads.


This is another popular video downloading app for the Android platform. Even it is possible to download videos from social networking sites. In fact the app is reliable and provides downloading speed of the highest quality. Before downloading videos you can choose the quality of the videos. The best part about this app is that it is customizable, you can bookmark the site and even a private space can be formulated to save any video of your choice. To capture online videos with the aid of this app

  • The app has to be launched and pay a visit to the desired website
  • Once you go on to choose the website to download the video you have to press the tap button
  • The red button has to be clicked and the quality of video will be chosen
  • Once you tap on the button the process of downloading will start

A loophole of this app is that you might have to stumble upon the ads that keep on popping up as there is no way by which you can remove the ads.


The mere mention of downloading videos and the name of Vidmate topples the list. The best part about this app is that you can choose a format of your choice for downloading. In fact many more formats are constantly being added to this app for downloading. Not only the format can you figure out the quality of the video that you are looking to download. Even it is possible to download HD videos, high quality or low quality videos. Just you need to install this app as you can watch the favourite videos of your choice.

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