Trip to Digha and Puri

Two of the most frequented beaches in eastern India, Digha and Puri, have become one of the most favorite tourist destinations for families as well as couples. Located on the northern shores of the Bay of Bengal, Digha is a renowned seaside town, which is a favorite weekend destination for people living in West Bengal, particularly for those living in the city of Kolkata.

Puri, on the other hand, is considered to be the hometown of Lord Jagannath and is a popular beach resort in Orissa. The Jagannath temple in Puri draws a large number of devotees every year, making this a famous pilgrimage site as well. Let’s set out to discover these two beaches of eastern India, Digha, and Puri. 

The quaint little town of Digha

West Bengal’s most famous seaside town, Digha, is a well-known weekend destination for everyone living in the state and particularly the Bengalis of Kolkata, who love to travel to the shores of the Bay of Bengal iosemus, at the drop of a hat. With trains and buses connecting this seaside town, reaching Digha is never a problem, and a journey of a few hours would take you to this beautiful place called Digha.

On reaching the shores, you’ll be invited with the roaring sound of the waves, and as you approach the sea, you’ll realize that the ocean is indeed far away, with a vast beach spreading in front of your eyes. The water is shallow near the beach and allows tourists to enjoy a lap around the beach without any fear. Most people coming to this place love to swim in the sea and play with the waves as they venture deep into the ocean. The long coastline is dotted with the evergreen Australian pines, making it the perfect garnishing for a place famous for the sun, sand, and sea.

Referred to as the ‘Brighton of the East’ by Warren Hastings, Digha’s serene atmosphere is likely to captivate your senses and make the ideal environment for a honeymoon. This is one of the chosen honeymoon destinations in West Bengal, and you’ll find a large number of newly wedded couples on the beaches at any time of the year. The panoramic view of sunrise and sunset on the shores of Digha is a traveler’s dream. It allows tourists to be mesmerized entirely with nature’s artistry as it paints the skies in myriad hues during these times.

Places to visit in Digha

The small town has been divided into two main zones, Old and New Digha. Old Digha has been subjected to a lot of erosion, and its shores have been mostly washed away by the sea. Therefore, the beach here is not as wide as the ones in New Digha, which has been developed at a later stage. Huge boulders are now strewn all over the beaches of Old Digha, to prevent further erosion. Therefore, tourists love to spend their evenings in Old Digha, sitting on the boulders or the rock pillars, and enjoy some mouth-watering sea food. As the evening breeze sweeps you into a romantic mood, you can share an intimate moment with your loved one sitting with a cup of tea or some fried snacks.

The beaches of New Digha, on the other hand, are perfect for indulging in the fun. The beaches are more prominent and well maintained, allowing tourists to have a gala time swimming and bathing in the sea. The Amravati Lake and a trip to a few museums within Digha are must-see places for the tourists. And if you want to head out to some more beaches, nearby virgin beaches of Shankarpur, Mandarmani, Junput, and Udaipur would also surprise you with its beauty and charm. 

Historic Puri

The abode of Lord Jagannath, Puri, is a fascinating district that has a colorful history. It is often referred to as the cultural capital of Orissa and true to its naming it abounds with numerous historical monuments, religious sanctuaries, and architectural marvels that stand testimony to its rich cultural heritage. With its history dating back to the 3rd century BC, this place provides a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Deities of the Lord Jagannath and the famous Konark temple dedicated to the sun God are some of the treasures of this seaside town. Thus, the picturesque sea face, along with the historical monuments, makes it a fantastic place to visit. 

Tourist Attractions in Puri

One of the most romantic attractions of Puri is the sunrise and sunset. Tourists would be left speechless with the beauty of this natural phenomenon as they witness the beginning and the end of the day from the magnificent beaches. Apart from the sand and sea, you can visit several historical monuments in and around Puri. The Jagannath Temple, Sun Temple at Konark, Chilika Lake, Chandrabhaga and Gopalpur beach are some of the top picks for tourists.

Various festivals are also celebrated on the beaches. If you happen to visit Puri during these festivals, you’ll be amazed to find out the incredibly bright side of this happening beach town youtube com activate. Every year, the Puri Beach Festival is organized in November, and local artists display some fabulous pieces of art and craft during this time. The sand art of Puri is another essential thing that you must check out. Artists from all over Orissa flock to the beaches and display some breathtaking sand sculptures on these beaches.

The RathYatra is another famous event in Puri, when devotees get a glimpse of the Jagannath, Subhadra and Balabhadra deities, which are otherwise confined to the Jagannath temple. The local cuisine of Puri is another hot favorite amongst travelers. If you are in Puri, don’t forget to check out the local fare consisting of fried fishes, lovely sea food, and off course, the specialty sweets of Puri. 

Getting around town

Tourists can choose from autos, rickshaws, and buses for getting around town. Accommodation facilities are abundant, and tourists can opt for sea-facing hotels, resorts, or guest houses that offer beautiful views of the ocean. There is no shortage of budget hotels at this tourist spot, and if you are planning a family vacation or a romantic trip, this can be a pocket-friendly destination.

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