How to Take Care of Sofas

Buying a sofa is like an investment. It’s a useful piece of furniture and adds a subtle sophisticated charm to your house. But the fact that it is expensive means that it cannot be bought again and again and so, maintaining it and taking care of it becomes an important task. You can buy your favorite sofa set or a sofa cum bed from a furniture store in Gurgaon and follow the tips given below to take proper care of them.


This step is for before buying the sofa. A person must buy a fabric that along with looking good and suiting all needs, is also easy to clean and maintain. It’s not just the cleaning part. When the fabric is chosen is appropriate for the lifestyle, the life of the furniture is increased. If you have pets or children, this factor comes into play.

Protection of the Fabric

This seems like common sense but spillage of anything that could stain the fabric should be avoided In addition to that, fabric protectors should also be bought from stores and applied to diminish the chance of mildew.

Cushions and seat

To keep the cushions in shape, do not keep sitting on the same spot repeatedly. Sitting at the same spot very often will render it uncomfortably soft and somewhat loose. This spot will also collect more dirt. If there are other members of the family, encourage them to do the same. It is also good, for the shape of the sofa and your health, to not sit on the sofa for too long or too often.

Cushions should be fluffed regularly. Prod and poke them regularly so that they do not become too hard. Even the bed pillows should be given the same treatment. Cushions should also be flipped after some periods. The ideal time to flip them is every two weeks so that they do not get flattened out.

Cleaning methods

The common cleaning tricks that should be utilized for the cleaning of sofas are given below.

  • Vacuum: Use the vacuum cleaner on the upholstery to get rid of the accumulated soil and dirt of any kind. This will also not let the fibers become embedded.
  • Spot clean: Accidents happen and no matter how much you try to protect your upholstery, it will get stained sometimes. But it is important to immediately take care of these stains through the method of spot cleaning. Rubbing should be avoided and blotting the stain with a cloth and suitable cleaner will do the work without much hassle. Sometimes, different substances may be used to remove different stains. Look into them carefully and use them. If the sofas are made from leather then the stains should be treated immediately.
  • Lint roller: This is useful for families that have pets in their households. The fur of animals sheds and gets stuck in the fibers of the sofa. A lint roller can be used to clean the sofas of fur.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, the sofas should be protected from sunlight and pollutants that may cause them to fray and fade. Odor control is equally important and so, proper ventilation is a necessary factor. You can buy a cheap 3 seater sofa or any other sofa sets on Furnituremama.

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