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Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternative for Streaming

Nothing better than getting free access to movies and shows. Neither you need to pay a monthly subscription that you do for Netflix nor you have to rely on torrents. The latter can be very annoying. With services like Hallmark on Spectrum and gazillionothers available to viewers, it is not at all a difficult task for a person to watch On-demand titles. You could tune into various movie-streaming platforms as an alternative to SolarMovie.


Vumoo provides the viewers with high-quality content and a wide range of it. You get access to both movies and shows on this platform. The best part is that it is free just like SolarMovie. Vumoo has a library of amazing documentaries too apart from shows and movies.

One does not have to register himself to be able to watch movies. But registering would mean access to a greater range of movies. You can even download the videos to your devices to watch later.


One of the best alternatives that you can get for SolarMovie is YesMovies. The website has an easy to use interface. Once you tune into the website, you will find many options and categories to choose from. This categorization makes it easy for people to find movies in the genre that they wish to.

You can choose either to explore the categories available on the website or type the movie in the search box to see if your favorite is available. Once selected, just click ‘Watch Now’ to enjoy streaming the movie online.


Another platform that you can tune into to watch free movies is CosmosTube. There are two things about CosmoTube that you will love. These include CosmoTube being free and few ads as compared to other online streaming platforms. Some of the many categories available to you include:

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Adventure

You can even filter out the content on this website. The filtered content won’t show in the future.


Yifymovies gives you access to the latest movies and shows and that too free. What better could one ask for? This website also allows you to watch movies in HD quality. You do not need to install anything on your PC to enable the HD option. The sad part is that you cannot avoid ads from popping up in between movies on this platform. You will have to exit the ad to continue watching any further.

However, the pros of this website are more than the cons. Like, you can also download the movies and episodes of your favorite shows on your PC.


Just like Yifymovies, MovieWatcher also keeps updating the list of movies and shows. So you will get to watch the latest of both when you tune into MovieWatcher. The homepage also suggests the most popular titles that you should consider watching. Apart from shows and movies, you can also watch some of the most famous biographies on MovieWatcher.

The filters on the website are such that you can type in the name of your favorite actor and all his movies available on the site will display before you. Apart from viewing the content on this website on your PCs, you can easily access this website on your smartphones as well.

Other pros for this website include the ease with which you can navigate through the site. Apart from that, you can also update yourself regarding which TV show aired on TV that day.


Cinebloom also offers the most recent movies and shows to its viewers. You can even share your recently viewed movies with your friends on social media platforms. The ‘Browse TV’ section available on the website allows you to choose the movies of your preferred genre with ease. A catalog that includes all the TV shows also makes it easy for you to select the one you wish to watch. However, you will have to bear with the ads that will pop up in between the movies and shows.


If you wish to watch the most recent movies, Allmovie should be your go-to a website. Not only are the movies categorized based on genres but also moods and themes on this website. You can head to the advanced search bar in case you are aware of the movie you want to watch. This will save you time. However, make sure that you close all the ads first otherwise they will keep interrupting between the movie.

For me, the TV packages that Spectrum offers give me so much variety of channels that I get to watch almost all the latest movies and shows on the various channels. And if on any given day that does not happen, I would call the Spectrum toll free number to tell themhow disappointed I am. I do not mean to discourage them. It’s a ‘just for fun’ thing I do.

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