Tips and Ideas to Decorate Home on Diwali

Tips and Ideas to Decorate Home on Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights that has associated much emotion: love, joy, togetherness, prosperity, celebration, and togetherness. As Diwali is approaching, the excitement related to the festival also increases. A five-day celebration is celebrated with sweets, fireworks, gifts, new clothes and a lot of fun. Diwali is the occasion of the triumph of truth and good over evil. Such a lovely festival definitely demands a special celebration in your homes.

The delightful festival of the year is here. It’s time to celebrate this occasion with delicious sweets, Diwali gifts, and home decoration. This part of the festival season not only calls for suiting up for yourself but also some traditional Diwali decorations as well as some modern technique for your home. Every year you decorate your home with diyas to light up the home. If you are still figuring out the best kind of decoration that will make your home stand out among the rest of all, then here are the best items and ideas related to home decoration.

Remove unnecessary items– Get rid of all the things that have been lying around in your house. Collecting dust and are of no use to you. Removing unnecessary items from your home will not only make space in your room to keep all of your Diwali shopping, but it will also add freshness to the environment. And who knows, you may end up getting some of your old valuable items too!

Light for your home- Diwali is the festival of lights you can have as many as. You can creatively light it up by placing lamps in colorful bottles or jars. Or you can light up the candles of various designs, patterns, and fragrances. Also, you can prepare lamp holders for yourself using paint and glitter to create a warm and festive environment and brighten up the dark corners of your home. Sending Diwali diya online is a great idea to your dear so that they can also decorate their houses like yours.

Here are the few Decorating items that you can make yourself, or you can buy them from anywhere.

Thread lanterns– These are so very simple to make and yet trending. This type of lamp looks unbelievably magnificent when placed upon the walls. You are going to need some basic things to make this fabulous item like glue, a bowl, cotton threads, balloons, and water to mix the glue.

The procedure of making this item is very simple, first of all, mix some glue with water in a bowl and stir the whole solution well. Put all of the thread in that solution and keep it aside for a few minutes. Then, take a blown-up balloon and start binding the thread all around it tightly and till you get the desired pattern. Let the glue solution dry for a few hours. When it all dries off, deflated the balloon and pulled it out of the dried thread. Insert the electric lights in it and hang it up anywhere according to your wish.

Flowers are essential for Diwali– Flowers add charm in your celebration you can place flowers string of beautiful marigolds on the walls or near the stairs which gives a vibrant and fresh look to your house. You can also utilize flowers on the doorway and around the door handles that give a pleasant style for welcoming area. The pleasant smell of flowers is mix in the air, which adds up the charm in the charm to the occasion. You can also send flowers as Diwali gifts in Delhi or to any other place where your dear ones reside.

Diwali is an auspicious festival that is celebrated with a lot of prosperity and hope for the future. This festival is celebrated with near and dear ones. So, enjoy this festival by lighting your homes, eating sweets and decorating your homes.

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