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No matter from which country you are coming but Indian food has the tendency of being loved by everyone. And this is the reason that you are going to find Indian food in almost every country across the world. You can easily find the gourmet Indian food in the United States, Canada, and Australia among other countries.

You will find the taste of Indian food unique and also flavorful. It is easy for Indian food to attract people because of its colors, aroma, and flavors. There are so many Indian dishes that you will love like:

  1. AlooGobhi- It is a famous Indian vegetarian dish that is prepared with potatoes and cauliflower. The flavor of the dish is enhanced with some Indian spices and it is really loved by people.
  2. Butter Chicken- Since we are talking about Indian food, butter chicken cannot be missed. It is one of the most famous Indian dishes that is really amazing and enjoyed by the people. When you are going to any Indian restaurant you must try this dish.
  3.  Made with lamb chunks it is a famous dish from Kashmir. The flavors of the dish are really great. The spices are added to the dish in a balanced way to give the best experience to people.
  4. Samosa- If you really want to try Indian snacks then Samosa needs to be on the top. It is stuffed with potatoes with a pinch of spices that makes the taste of the dish really good.
  5. Masala Chai- And now when we are talking about Indian flavors how can we miss masala chai. It is highly enjoyed in India and people like the flavor of the tea, which means that you too should try this tea.
  6. ShahiPaneer- This is another famous Indian dish made with farmer’s cheese and tasty Indian spices. If you are having it from the best Indian restaurant you will definitely love it.

Apart from these dishes, there are many other Indian dishes that are famous and tasty as well that you can find on the menu of any Indian restaurant.

And if you don’t wish to visit any Indian restaurant but you are willing to have the best Indian food, you can also choose the Indian takeaway delivery option, which means you can enjoy your favorite Indian food at your home and relax with your family or friends.

There are various Indian restaurants you can find near you to try the best Indian dishes. You can search online and go through the menu to order the food from the best restaurant having good reviews and ratings.

You will find the Indian restaurants that are serving the customers at nominal prices, so, the money will not be an issue for you when you will crave for Indian cuisines. But you just need to make sure that you are choosing the right restaurant for the best flavors as you cannot simply compromise with the taste of the dishes.

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